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When you hear about success secrets for small businesses, you may be hesitant to try them out. After all, most of these “secrets” either rely on expensive, high tech equipment or expensive seminars. The truth is that you don’t need to have unlimited funds and a master guru to guide you to higher profits. You can snatch up more sales, gain new customers, and build better alliances by using low tech tactics.

Creative Marketing

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Make use of creative marketing for your small business

Utilizing creative marketing and having a unique marketing strategy will help your company stand out. This should be clever and encourage memory retention. Striving for a dynamic approach is also important. Try something endearing, which can be as simple as a giveaway (think Coke’s ‘Happiness Machine’). Go for unusual advertising. From transforming drains into BBQs, to ads painted along the do not cross lines in subways. There are an unlimited number of unique and creative ways to get your name out there. If you can achieve this in a subtle way, it can make your marketing even more powerful. You can get massive bonus points if your ads are interactive. For example, a bar with beer mugs as the door handles.

Personal Touches

Setting up face-to-face meetings with your clients or giving them a call are personal touches to add to your customer service. It will help with both customer acquisition and retention. Utilizing social media and emails is very important, but taking the time to meet with clients lets them know that you value and appreciate them. When customers receive calls from you to check on them to discuss any questions, concerns, or issues, they know that they can count on great service from you.

Create & Attend

You must be willing to create an entertaining environment that promotes your business. A great way to do this is to set up a small dinner for some of your best clients. This helps you get to know and understand your clients. Who are they? Who are they married to? How is their career going? Make it an event by providing entertainment for children like balloons animals, or magicians. As well as something for the adults such as raffles or comedians. While attending events are important for building clientele, potential partners, and resources, they are also important for getting to know people. You get to know your competitors, your clients, connectors, investors… everyone! And you get to know them on a more personal level. Bringing a notebook to take notes on their businesses and collect business cards, is a great way to keep up with everything during the event.

Planting Signs

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Posters are a great way to market your products

Signs don’t have to look cheap or busy. These are one of the oldest forms of marketing. It gets your name out there and tells people where to find you. You can have awnings with your business’s name and address on it. Or a window with signs that let people know exactly where your shop is. Even shelf signs, posters, and vehicle signs work if you want your business’s name and location out there. Fitting your slogan and a small description of your company may be appropriate for some of the signs.

Promotional Products

Having your own line of custom promotional products is a great way to get your name out there. These are great for giveaways at events or packaged deals for contest winners. Think of a grand prize that comes with a few relevant products. Such as a TV with your promotional cozies, coasters, and a 6 pack. You could also do hot cocoa with your promotional mugs and branded pens and pencils at the office. If it’s relevant, having T-shirts and other wearable items can be great. While it’s true that people love free stuff, you can sell some of your higher-end promotional products. This means that your customer pays to advertise for you!
While some of these may be pricier than others, with a little creativity these should all be achievable for an established (or up and coming) small business. For an even bigger impact, research what people in your area like. What catches their eyes and what sort of events they like to go to. When you keep these success secrets for small businesses in mind, you’re sure to get where you want to be without spending insane amounts of cash.

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