Businesses require a solid sales and marketing plan to help promote and market the company. While there are many ways to market a business, including printed material and giveaways, few marketing tactics have as many benefits as using custom flags and banners. Let’s take a look at the various benefits associated with custom flags and banners, and understand how you can implement this marketing tool in your business today. One-Time Cost Probably the biggest benefit to custom flags and banners is that they require only a one-time cost to produce and purchase. Compared to other marketing materials, banners and flags can be used repeatedly for events and can effectively last forever. Consider the difference when compared to digital marketing for a business. While digital branding and marketing certainly is a way to promote a new store or company, it is a repeated and ongoing cost. With the never-ending need for […]

Are you wondering why so many business owners use truck wraps to advertise their companies? It’s because these wraps provide a budget-friendly way to let potential customers know about businesses.  Think of a wrap as a rolling billboard that tells potential customers about your business or service each day.  The fact is that almost a third of people who see a wrap on a vehicle make a purchase from the advertised business. That makes wraps especially effective. Use the following tips for customizing your truck wrap to promote your business and help make your marketing message more visually appealing. Choose Design Elements That Match Your Branding The available space to deliver your message is limited by the size of your vehicle when you’re advertising with truck wraps. That makes it important that your message is succinct and on-brand. Summarize what you want potential customers to know about your business in […]

For a company with a physical location, outdoor business signs are one of the most visible faces of your business. Done well, it can also be one of the best, and cost-effective, forms of advertising available. There are myriad kinds of outdoor business signs. These are defined by various combinations of: Materials (e.g. wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.) Location (rooftop, side of building, awning, stand alone, etc.) Type (memorial, post-mounted, A-frame, etc.) Throw in all the possible combinations of color, graphic design and lighting options and you’ll find a truly mind-boggling range of choices. Things to Consider First Before even talking to any sign company, think about some of the constraints you’ll have to work with. The city, neighborhood, or office park where your business is located may have regulations regarding signage. These could include size, height, or other design considerations. Will your sign be meant to attract pedestrians or […]

Budget has always been a critical factor when evaluating reprographic options. Especially if you’re a small business. There may be a million and one ways to market yourself, but you still need a channel that’s cost-effective and brings results with the shortest turnaround time possible. For many businesses, vinyl stickers is one of the more convenient options. They’re affordable, highly visible,they’re durable enough to last through even the harshest Reno winter.(Or at least they should be.) The fact is, there’s actually a lot to take into consideration when choosing vinyl stickers. In addition to budget considerations,you also need to think about production, visual appeal, and quality. If you’re considering vinyl stickers as part of your marketing campaign, here’s what you should know first. Vinyl Stickers Vs. Vinyl Decals : What’s The Difference? For most people, the term “vinyl sticker” is virtually interchangeable with  “vinyl decal”. After all, both can be […]

Similarly to customizing any part of your home, buying a standard vehicle and customizing it to fit your own style and liking takes a lot of work and patience. It can cost a lot of money and time in the long run and you won’t even be close to getting the look that you want. While you’re working so hard on deciding what to upgrade next, why not look into using custom car decals for your vehicle instead? Whether you want to up your game by giving your car a custom flair that suits your budget and personal style or to simply promote your business’ products and services, custom car decals are a fantastic tool that can be used to add stunning graphics to your vehicle all year round. And to add to that, here are a few more reasons why you should choose removable custom car decals for your […]

There’s no doubt about it. Vehicle wraps can help make your business look as stylish, unique and personalized as… well, you do. And they’re not just one of the best ways to advertise. They’re also highly practical. And they get people talking. So much so, the car wrap market was valued at $2.87 billion in 2018 alone. And that number is only expected to increase by 22 percent in just six years. But they’re not for every business. And they’re not created equal. Good marketing means consistent results. And if there’s one thing that’s dependable about car wraps, it’s that they’re inconsistent. Almost reliably so. Some can be classy. Others irreverent. And some are just downright silly. So how do you know which is the right one for your company? Personal design tastes are always the go to standard for any purchase, advertising related or not. But car wraps can […]

Car wraps are no longer a passing trend. This is an advertising phenomenon that’s here to stay. And it’s not hard to see why. In comparison to traditional advertising, they’re inexpensive. They look impressive. And they make an impact; such a significant one that up to 70,000 unique impressions .can be tracked for car wraps each day.    Car wraps can come with problems. Not the least of which is amateur car wraps. Maybe you’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve even experienced them. Peeling edges. Bubbles. Rips. Tears. Fading colors. And if an ugly car wrap makes a bad impression on you, think of what your customers must think.   We’ve been in the vehicle wrap business for a while. In fact, over three decades. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of common mistakes; especially here in northern Nevada. The weather can wreak havoc onthe durability and wear of a […]

For many years, stickers have become an all-time favorite for many marketers. They have advertised a band, built companies, created a brand, made politicians win elections and increased exposure. Stickers have become a staple in the marketing industry. Even in this new age of social media and digital marketing, stickers are still widely used and remain as effective as ever. After all, they are really affordable and easy to make, print and distribute.  While some prefer to use modern technological advances for their marketing strategies, there are still reasons why companies should not ignore this low-cost yet powerful old sticker marketing. Helps increase brand awareness We all know how effective online marketing is nowadays. However, it has become a pretty crowded space and overly saturated. It has come to a point where a lot of people are now developing ad blindness. So while most businesses are trying to catch the […]

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing marketing world, it takes far more than a good sentence to keep customers committed and prospects interested in your brand. It takes a hardworking team of creative professionals to successfully propagate and substantiate the face of your company. Time is short and ROI returns are slim, and you need to start revolutionizing your company’s marketing returns whether or not you’re fully in control. Advertising your business through car decals is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of marketing there is, generating localized word-of-mouth advertising as a moving, personalized bulletin board.  Creating the perfect decal is a simple process that can be done by anyone with the desire to learn more about this type of advertising endeavor.  Types of Car Decals   Before you decide on your decal message, it’s important to understand the different decal material options.  Vinyl This sheer substance is surprisingly […]

Advertising. If you’re a small business, you know it can be both the bane and boon of your existence. Especially if you’re a growing business. You need to market effectively, but have neither the time nor the patience. You need to grow your customer base, but frequently don’t have either the adequate manpower or an effective strategy. And while online advertising is frequently the most convenient and cost effective way to market, you’re facing competition from well established businesses with a long history and a considerable budget. How do you efficiently raise your signal through a raging digital sea of noise? While advertising can sometimes be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be as innovative, creative and exciting as when you first started your business. When you were driven by both passion and the desire to succeed—at any cost. When growing your business seemed as […]