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5 Ways To Boost Your Business While Exploring The Great Outdoors This National Great Outdoors Month 100%

June is National Great Outdoors Month! Don’t miss out on the opportunities this has to offer you and your business.  With a little bit of strategic planning, your business can on its way to generate additional revenue while enjoying the Great American Outdoors.

Here are some tips for you to go by this month-long celebration of the great outdoors:

Promote your business

There’s nothing wrong promoting your local small business while enjoying the natural environment.  In fact, running a business and promoting environmental protection can work hand in hand.

If you run a local restaurant, put out some displays about the scenic beauties surrounding your business.  Do you have a door-to-door delivery business? Print some extra fliers promoting the nearby outdoor activity in your state (don’t forget to include your business logo).

Do you see tourists flocking your state?  Make sure you have items such as pens with your logo to give away so they’ll remember your store while enjoying outdoor activities near you.

There are many ways to slant National Great Outdoors Month to your business’ favor.  All you need to do is to get those creative juice flowing and occasionally woo the “muse” to give you bright business ideas.

Teambuilding for your staff

Want to enjoy the Great American Outdoors during work hours? What better way to do it than to enjoy each moment with your employees!

Taking your staff outdoors can rejuvenate them after months of stressful work.  There are plenty of group activities to choose from:

  •         Boating
  •         Camping
  •         Fishing
  •         Hiking
  •         Stewardship

Regardless of the activity your team engages in, the outdoor experience will bring your employees closer together.  Plan ahead and think of activities that will help your staff take a little bit of recreational rest and get their pent-up energy out in the open.

Have them wear your company t-shirt or wind breakers while doing activities.  This adds visibility for your company and make others in the area know your company exists.  Extra eyeball advertisement for your brand will surely help drive your business forward.

Increase your staff’s productivity

    Are you having trouble increasing your staff’s productivity?

    This is related to #2. Enjoying the great outdoors could spell dramatic increases in your employees’ performance.


    People who spend more time enjoying the great outdoors develop a special kind of social skill—they tend to work better in groups.

    Do you have staff members who don’t work well together?  Let them indirectly sort things out by putting them in the same team activities!  It may be awkward at first but reminding them that this is a fun activity could cool things down. It could eventually lead to a much more harmonious collaboration among team members.

    Health benefits

    A sedentary routine is one of the biggest threats to a healthy life.  When you spend the majority of your time sitting down in front of a computer, don’t be surprised if you feel pain or get sick more often.

    Humans are social beings.  We all began living closely tied to the outdoors hunting for food and water, tilling the soil. But advancements in technology, while extremely beneficial, brought with it several painful changes in our work-life balance.

    You can get your health back by simply stepping outside! And what better time to do it than this month!

    Climb a mountain with your friends, trek with your employees, go on that fly fishing trip with your dad that you’ve been planning to do for months now but keep putting off.  The health benefits are enormous!

    By the way, when we say health benefits, we don’t mean only physical health benefits.  Perhaps you’ve been looking inward for so long now and it’s time to look outward. Being outdoors helps reestablish the balance you need and want for your mental state.

    There are so many benefits the Great American Outdoors can give you. One of the best benefits? You get to take control of your health back.

    Care for the environment

    With all the talk of global warming and climate change, you and your business can make positive impacts on the environment. Take the time to show the world that you care about the environment.

    Give out small notes to tourists to remind them to “clean-as -they-go” once they’re done with their recreational activities.  (Don’t forget to include your business logo in your notes.) Or you can give them quick guides on how to be safe on their trip or an easy local number to call in case of emergencies.  (Again, don’t forget your business logo.)

    These reminders, though not earth-shaking, can leave a small but positive impact on the environment.

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