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Using window graphics provides a practical way to promote your business’ branding. It’s a great way to showcase your company’s products and attract potential customers. Window graphics entice passersby to come inside for more. The window graphics of your business create the first impression for your customers. So it’s important to know how to design one that will convey your desired message.

window graphics

Window graphics are appealing can be easily seen

Without window graphics, your shop front can be bland, boring and can go unnoticed. If you want your business to stand out, you need to grab the customers’ attention. Convey what your business can offer – quickly and effectively. This is where a great window graphic comes into play.

Considering putting up window graphics for your business? Here’s a list of eight reasons why your business needs window graphics:

1. They increase brand awareness

To grow a business, you have to build your branding. Brand awareness is important to get potential customers to remember your company name and logo. Be strategic and display your company name in prominent places. The more places you can get your company name, the better. Having an eye-catching window graphic will turn heads and build brand recognition.

2. They promote your sales and specials

Having window graphics will boost your efforts when promoting special offers. These eye-catching graphics will get passersby’s attention. It will get them interested in your product/service. A well-placed window decal, offering sales and discounts, will bring interested customers into your shop.

3. They are changeable

There are window graphics that are static cling and are easy to apply and remove as needed. You can create seasonal-themed window graphics, say Halloween, or Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. You can also create monthly specials and put them up at the appropriate time. You can reuse these static cling window graphics making them cost-effective.

4. You can save on city permits

When you want to put up signs and banners, many cities limit the size and require you to pay for a permit. If you don’t follow these rules, it can result in fines. Having your own shop window allows you unlimited access and zero restrictions. Take advantage of this by putting up attractive window graphics to save resources.

5. It piques curiosity

Nicely done window decals will pique the curiosity of a passerby. If someone gets intrigued by your window graphics, he or she might walk into your store. Opaque window graphics that prevent a potential customer from seeing what’s in your shop will also increase the chance of them going inside. The more people that go inside your store will increase your chance of sales. This will also mean an increase in your brand awareness. It’s a win-win situation.

6. They enhance view and privacy

There are times when the location of your office or shop may have an unpleasant view outside. Things like a brick wall, the dumpsters, fences or alleys aren’t ideal to look at. You can use window graphics to hide these unsightly views from your clients and customers. There are also instances when passersby don’t need to see everything that happens inside your shop. Other times, there are too many distractions outside that you don’t want your customers to see. Having a decorative window decal will solve these dilemmas. At the same time, this will also give you and your client the privacy that you need.

7. It reduces the sun’s glare

window graphics

Window graphics are great for blocking glare

The sun’s glare can be very annoying for customers doing their shopping in the afternoon. Despite the stunning view that you have through your window, the blinding glare of the sun is a huge turn-off to customers. Other than that, it can also reduce worker productivity. While you can opt to put window blinds, you can use window graphics instead. These decorative window designs prevent the sun’s glare from coming through. You can do some advertising at the same time.

8. They’re an inexpensive way to advertise

Using window graphics is an inexpensive way to attract potential new customers. It’s a great method of advertising your company’s brand and message to people passing by your store. If you are new, you want to get your business out in the market. Well-designed window decals will help promote it. It can encourage word-of-mouth advertising within your community.

Window graphics are beneficial for businesses. They are a simple and cost-effective way to advertise the message of your company. The reasons listed above should help if you’ve been doubting the impacts of window decals. So what are you waiting for? Get a move on! Contact Grafics Unlimited today.

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