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5 Benefits of Using Floor Graphics for your Business

The competition in business is just getting tougher. For this reason, it’s becoming more and more difficult to leave an impression and stand out. It’s why different forms of marketing and advertising were created: to grab target audience’s attention, close sales and earn profit.

When we talk about advertising, most people would think about the ads they see on TV, magazines, billboards and so on. But businesses have found many different ways to advertise their brand.

And one method never fails to do its job – floor graphics. Using floor graphics can be beneficial for your business in more ways than one. Some of them are mentioned as follows.

Effective form of product advertisement

Printed floor graphics are an effective way to capture the attention of people and introduce your products. Want them to know about your new products, or be aware of products that are on sale? Using attractive and unique floor graphics is an excellent way to do it.

More often than not, people are more interested to see what’s written on the floor they walk on than any other writing on the walls or shelves. It can be even more effective when you use amazing and creative graphics.

It can bring a lot of attention

in store floor graphics
Floor graphics can enhance customer experience in a store

When you use floor graphics, your ads easily stand out. This is especially true when you put them at the most unexpected places. They are going to draw the attention of the passers-by every single time.

For example, you can consider putting them in places where people usually get in line or wherever there is a high foot traffic. You can have them placed in the elevators, stairs, at the entrances and so on. If you are planning to put it in multiple locations, you can use the same graphics. Your consistency will help people recognize your brand better.

Even if people don’t buy your products immediately, they will remember it by the time they need it because they constantly see it.

Cost efficient

One of the reasons why the use of custom floor graphics is becoming more popular is because the cost is relatively low. They also last longer. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot each time on this method of advertising. Think about it. You are promoting your product in a cost effective manner but you’re getting the results you need for your business.


Another amazing thing about using printed floor graphics is its flexibility. You can have custom floor graphics created according to your specific business goals and needs. The possibilities are endless and creative. You can choose the shape and size according to your preference. You can be as imaginative and as creative as you want when it comes to the design.

Aside from that, you can also use floor decals for some events that involve a lot of people walking around. This is a perfect chance for you to promote your brand through your printed floor graphics.

Take advantage of the events going on in your community. Coordinate with the organizers so you can strategically put your graphics in the areas where people will immediately see them.


Another benefit of floor graphics is to lead users to your products by providing them directions.  This is especially helpful when people are having difficulty trying to locate a specific product. It might affect their purchase decision when they can’t find what they’re looking for. They will appreciate it if you extend a little help and show them where to go through your floor graphics.

Moreover, floor graphics are also useful if you have a large store. You can use it to serve as a guide for people who need to go to the washrooms, exits and other places inside your store. It can significantly enhance your customer’s experience in your establishment.

Printed floor graphics are indeed an excellent way to bring more customers to your business.

Want to promote your brand with floor graphics? Please consider custom floor graphics made in Sparks at Graphics Unlimited.

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