Benefits of Window Graphics

There are probably only a few shopping centers in existence that don’t make use of window graphics in some way. The reason for this is that window graphics are great and cost effective way to advertise. There is a long history of effective window graphic advertising. Department stores of both the past and present have used and continue to use window graphics to grab the attention of the local market, creating new customers in the process. Keep reading to discover the great benefits of window graphics to bolster your local marketing effectiveness and footprint.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Cost

Benefits of window graphics

Window Graphics are a cost effective way to get the word out about your store

Compared to other forms of local advertising, the cost of a window graphic is relatively cheap. At about $10 per square foot, depending on the material and design, a window graphic allow you to add an eye-catching design to your storefront.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Get Around Permits

Another great benefit of the custom window graphic is the ability to advertise without having to acquire municipal permits. Many cities and local governments have regularly enforced code restricting the use of signs. With a custom window graphic, however, there are no codes or permits necessary to install and display your advertisement.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Branding

Benefits of Window Graphics

Advertise your products with custom window graphics!

A custom window graphic is a great way to increase your local brand recognition. If your storefront is bland and uninviting, customers are less likely to remember their experience and you are not likely to attract the attention of pedestrians and passers-by. A well designed window graphic will make a memorable impression on current customers and attract new ones to your storefront.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Flexibility

Since window graphics are a relatively cheap way to advertise in your local market and are easily installed and removed, they offer a uniquely flexible advertising platform. You can change your graphics to highlight any special offerings or sales at your store and add variety to the look of your storefront. The flexibility of window graphics gives you the ability to change your storefront’s look to meet each season, sale or new year.

Benfits of Window Graphics: Privacy and Shade

An often overlooked secondary benefit of window graphics is the shade and privacy they provide your store. A window graphic can shield customers and employees from the rays of the sun, provide privacy and pique the curiosity of potential customers. Often, when potential customers are intrigued by the information displayed on the window graphic, but are unable to see inside the store, they will try to satisfy their curiosity by walking inside. Once they are inside, they are, of course, more likely to make a purchase.

Window Graphics at Grafics Unlimited

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