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Why You Should Consider a Custom Car Wrap

Whether you are a car enthusiast wanting to add a creative, personal touch to your ride, a business owner seeking a versatile, mobile and highly effective way to advertise your product or service, or you just want to give your beloved car a stylish update, a custom car wrap is a quick, easy, durable and affordable way to get what you want out of your vehicle.

What is a Custom Car Wrap?

Custom Car Wraps are a great why to style your car.

A custom car wrap is a durable, long-lasting vinyl alternative to a traditional paint job. Applied directly over your car’s original paint, a car wrap can cover the entire car or just a section. Choosing a custom car wrap as an alternative to a traditional custom paint job gives you the ability to craft the exact design you want without the labor and high costs associated with a custom paint job.

Custom Car Wraps Are a Great Way to Advertise

If you own a small, medium or even large size business and want a great, highly mobile advertising platform, turning your personal or business car – or fleet of cars – into a mobile billboard with a custom car wrap is a cost effective way to go.

According to statistics reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, compared to other common advertising methods, advertising with a car wrap provides one of the highest advertising impressions to cost ratios. At just $0.15 per thousand advertising impressions, which is a measure of the number of people who see or hear an advertisement, car wraps outperform billboards, which return a thousand impressions for every $1.78 spent, and quarter page newspaper ads, which return a thousand impressions for every $11.68 spent.

With a custom car wrap displaying your company’s logo and information, every car trip becomes an advertising opportunity.

Custom Car Wraps Are a Great Way to Improve the Look of Your Car

When it comes to customizing the design and look of your car, there are few options that provide the creative freedom of a custom car wrap. Whether you are restoring an antique car or want your favorite color or design applied to your dream car, car wraps provide a number of advantages over the traditional paint job.

The first advantage of a custom car wrap is the lower cost. A custom paint job is a time consuming, labor intensive process that can cost $10,000+ depending on your design requirements. At a fraction of the cost, car wraps provide the same results and have a life-expectancy of 5-8 years and are incredibly easy to maintain and clean.

Another advantage of car wraps over traditional paint jobs is their longevity and resistance to damage and scratching. Made of a durable vinyl, custom car wraps act as a protective barrier for your original paint job. Paint easily scratches and peels, and your new paint job can be wrecked by one wayward pebble kicked up on the freeway. Car wraps, however, do not easily scratch and are resistant to the sun’s radiation, which makes short work of most paints.

Give that antique a new look with a car wrap.

An added benefit of this feature is that your car will retain a higher resale value. If it ever comes time to retire your business or personal car, your custom car wrap can be easily removed, revealing the shiny scratch-free paint it was placed over.

Considering the number of benefits and advantages of custom car wraps for either your business or personal car, choosing a car wrap over traditional paint is nearly a no-brainer.

So come on over and check out Grafics Unlimted’s custom car wrap portfolio and improve your company’s advertising footprint, give your dream car the color you have always wanted, or give that antique restoration project that classic showroom finish. Also, check out our newly announced King Camo custom car wraps.

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