vw bus with a car wrap

Marketing is key to developing and growing a business. Car wraps are a great way to market objects because of their low cost and high impact. With a car wrap, you can choose multiple design options, and the best part about a wrap is that it is an investment that pays off.

High Awareness, Low Cost

a car wrapped van

Car wraps are effective advertising

Unlike the usual costly media outlets, vehicle wraps work for you 24/7, 365 days per year. A car wrap investment is not expensive at all.  Consider the fact that it can easily transform your car into a “moving billboard” and spread the brand awareness whenever it goes. Depending on the city and population size, a single vehicle wrap can be seen by 30,000 to 70,000 people a day.  

Unlike a billboard, which stays in one place and cannot move to a new audience, a vehicle wrap can be in multiple locations throughout the course of a day.  People all over your target geographic area are going to be exposed to your brand. This could lead to thousands of impressions a month.

High Impact

The secret to effective advertising is making a great first impression. Vehicle wraps are a very memorable way to spread your business’s message which makes them a powerful branding and marketing tool. Driving (and parking) a wrapped vehicle in your local service area can dramatically increase awareness among those who live nearby. This can also have a high impact on the brand awareness of your product or service and finally, it can help you increase sales. As people are likely to have more trust in what is already familiar to them, they will be more likely to trust your brand, as they had a chance to spot it spontaneously, without your additional effort. This effect is commonly called “brand recall”.

A Clear Message and Call to Action

Drivers have only a few seconds to spot the car wrap design, so the design has to be attention-grabbing but not distracting. Car advertising should not contain a lot of text which requires time to read. The best solution would be to include one clear message, the “call to action”. Call to action should tell what your business does, or what kind of services or products you offer. The main part of the “call to action” message should be a phone number, which potential customers who spotted your ad could easily write down or “grab” with their mobile phone camera.

Images can add clarity, too. Car wrap design works best if its message is clear. Make sure people understand who you are and what you do in one glance with words, images or both.

Long Lasting Effect

A vinyl wrap can last as long as 9 years and it would be a smart investment for years to come. Proper care and maintenance will help you get more mileage out of your investment. For best results, clean wraps regularly, the old-fashioned way–with a bucket of soapy water and a low-pressure hose. Avoid brush and high-pressure washes, as the abrasion can cause vinyl sheets to lift and peel.

Be Bold

Car advertising gives you almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to creativity. It offers many different ways to visually represent your brand to a wide audience. Consider using large letters and bright colors. The design should definitely grab attention – obvious is good. Embrace designs that fully wrap the vehicle, so that the company name and logo are clearly visible from every angle.

Today’s market is more competitive than ever. Companies are fighting aggressively for their place in the market. Marketing expenses are often not covered with the proper increase in sales. This is why you shouldn’t give up on other, more old-fashioned methods of advertising which are proven to be effective. Capture the potential that you already have in your company.

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