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Auto wrap advertising is one of the most innovative ways to get your brand or business in the eyes of thousands of people. This is a type of advertising where you are paying for your ad to be placed on everyday cars. Ad wraps for cars are digitally printed and encompasses the entire car or a large part of it. The drivers of these will be driving in their regular routes and give your brand or business exposure as they travel to their destinations. The best way to describe it is to call it a mobile billboard ad.
What really makes this advertising work is that it utilizes eye catching designs and advertising to get people’s attention. Most cars come with the usual one or two color paint job which is what makes auto wrap advertising so effective. Because it is very unusual to have such a unique design on a car, this form of advertising almost always succeeds in getting people to turn heads and pay attention to the car. In fact, you may have come across a couple of Reno car banners already.

5 Surprising Car Wrap Benefits

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Vehicle Wrap Advertising is available for any model!

1. It’s Great for Local Businesses

Using wrap-a-car advertising is great for local based businesses. Installing your ad on a car that will be traveling around your local area is a good way to start getting your business known by your target audience. This is especially the case if you can get insight on routes and try to put your ad on drivers that often travel to high traffic local areas.

2. It’s Inexpensive Compared to Other Advertising Platforms

Setting up ad wraps for cars and running the advertising campaign may seem like it comes with a high upfront cost. However, the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) reports that auto wrap advertising may be the most cost effective form of outdoor advertising as it reaches more people per thousand impressions.

3. It Helps You Build Your Brand

Because your vehicle wrap advertising will always be on the move, you’ll be able to have a greater reach than your standard billboard ad. This can help you establish a presence in your area and help the process of building your brand. For example, many of our Reno car banners that have run for months resulted in the local consumers talking about the unique ads and calling the businesses on the ads over time.

4. It’s Captures People Attention Because It’s Unique and Rare

One thing that you need to know about advertising is that consumers eventually develop ad blindness due to overexposure. Just think about the last billboard ad you paid attention and you will get an idea of how often you ignore those ads. Because auto wrap advertising is new and eye catching, people are very prone to paying attention to your ad.

5. It Gives You Exposure Beyond Your Area

Vehicles don’t always travel the same route every single day of every single month. There will be many fluctuations and divergence from normal routes. This means that local Reno car banners may end up going to Carson City and bringing in a customer as a result.

Some Tips to Make Your Auto Wrap Advertising Work?

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1. Create a Design that Grabs Attention

What you don’t want to do is design an ad that is too simple and looks like another logo for a delivery car or a big corporation. You want your ad to demand attention but still have a focused message that sells your business and what it has to offer. Strong colors, big text, and unique graphical gambits often work well with auto wrap advertising.

2. Have a Strong Call to Action

If you’re going to invest in auto wrap advertising, don’t waste your money and make your ad look like a moving business card. Highlight the unique benefits consumers will get from doing business with you. Give them a powerful incentive to call your number or go to your website.

3. Set Up a Mobile Site

One of the best ways to get people to act on your ad is to have a mobile friendly site they can go to. The people that will see your ad will probably be on the go and have their smartphones with them. If your ad is compelling enough, they’ll take the time to visit the website you’ve listed in your ad. That’s why your site needs to be mobile friendly.

Auto wrap advertising can be a great way to bring in more customers and build your business. If you want to get it done right, make sure you go with a certified installer that knows how to install car banners. That’ll ensure that you get a wrap installed that’s well designed, durable, and easy to change.

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