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Tips for Buying Outdoor Business Signs

Every business creates a marketing strategy that aims to catapult their sales. To them, putting up outdoor business signs is another way of advertising. An outdoor sign creates a visual impact on the audience whenever they see it. This directs traffic to brick and mortar stores as well as to online stores.

Things you need to know about outdoor business signs

Signs for business begin with their design and how they share their story through one (1) outdoor sign. Read through these helpful tips for buying outdoor business signs.

Kind of signs to be used

Signs vary as they may be placed indoors or outdoors. When choosing an outdoor sign, remember that the ideal placement is on rooftops (residential or commercial building), walls along the road, awnings, or beside buildings. Some advertising companies hang it as billboards or put it on top of vehicles.

On the other hand, when businesses choose an indoor sign, they place it on their ceilings or on their walls. Most of the time, they place it at the reception area so people and passers-by easily see it. During trade shows, businesses create these for display.

Materials used

Different businesses incorporate different styles of showcasing their brand and identity. Some signs contain letters that relate to how the business began. A number of businesses use diverse materials to represent their signage and make sure it correlates to their vision as a company.

Signage consisting of mainly lettering or typography tells a straightforward message on adhesive vinyl or with bright neon lights. Some businesses incorporate earth elements, such as metal and wood. However, due to the recent campaign against plastic waste, some companies find more eco-friendly alternatives to replace plastic in their signs. Lettering may be either embossed or engraved, depending on the preferences of the business. Paint may also be used as an alternative. Not only does it promote art and creativity, it also beautifies the structure where it’s placed. Remember that materials affect pricing of the signage.

Creating the signs

When creating signs for businesses, think of how will it appear and if the design aligns with the identity of the business itself. Consider its effect on people as some signs stick to people of different generations.

Remember the location of the signage and factor the size of the text and how bright will it shine. When people look at signs, it usually takes three (3) seconds for them to decide if they want to read it or not.

Incorporate these factors or else that signage may fail before putting it up:

  • Distance from an average viewer
  • Height of the sign
  • Lighting
  • Durability (through different seasons and weather conditions)

Choosing the signage company

Creating the design is one thing, but making the sign is another. Businesses choose a signage company that ensures the expertise and quality of work they expect. Signage companies have one area of expertise and businesses must know these before approaching one. A mistake that businesses need to avoid is placing an order without fully knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the signage company.

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses need to accommodate the special needs of every person by eradicating every barrier when it comes to communication. Infrastructures like hospitals, schools, terminals, and even restaurants need to meet the requirements given by ADA regarding signage. A number of signage companies possess expertise in this field, and consulting them eases the process of putting up outdoor signage.


Signages cost differently since a lot of factors, such as size, color, content, and material use, affect the price. Costs range from $8 (12” x 6” basic design signage) up to $100 (30” x 30” with more features). Prices hike up to around a thousand or more dollars depending on the complexity of the design, its location, materials, and size. Remember to factor in service charges like delivery fees in looking through different quotes.

Zoning regulations in different areas

Different states regulate signage depending on the area of the town. In some cases, zoning laws prevent businesses from installing the kind of signage they want and may need to apply for a variance to the law. When consulting with signage companies, observe if they know the rules and regulations of the zoning laws of the area.

Other tips

Aside from those tips, remember to be aware of these as well.

Updating the current designs

Due to changing trends almost every quarter, businesses adapt and learn how to update their designs in order to fit in. Their creative team responds to the different changes that happen due to changing trends.

Think about using stock signs

In some occasions, going with a stock design maybe one of the best ways to put up a sign quickly. Most establishments that use stock design include:

  • Laboratories
  • Warehouses
  • Brick and mortar stores

One benefit of using a stock sign is that it comes cheaper than custom-designed ones.

Try using magnets for signage

Most businesses use this when they put signages on cars, as it allows them to easily place and remove if the owner uses the car for personal use. Most people see this type on cars and trucks.

Outdoor business signs gives businesses a more permanent way of marketing their products and services. With Grafics Unlimited, we cater to your signage needs!

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Candidates will have a minimum of 2 years of vinyl installation experience. Must be able to complete full wraps with little supervision.

Major Job Duties:

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Job Requirements:

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