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Power of Sandwich Board Signs for Small Businesses

Sandwich board signs, or A-frame or sidewalk signs, are a versatile, low-cost way for small businesses to attract attention and attract more customers. In this article, we will discuss sandwich board signs in detail and explain why these simple signs are so effective.

What Are Sandwich Board Signs?

A sandwich board sign consists of two boards or panels connected at the top by hinges or brackets. The boards fold out to create an A-shape that can stand independently when placed on the ground. Sandwich boards are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be moved easily in different locations.

Sandwich board signs typically feature large, bold text and eye-catching graphics to capture the attention of pedestrians walking by a business. They are used to display special offers, sales, business hours, menus, daily specials, and other promotional messages. Many sandwich boards have a chalkboard or whiteboard surface that allows the messages to be changed frequently.

Benefits of Using Sandwich Board Signs

There are many advantages to using sandwich board signs for small businesses:


High-quality sandwich boards can be purchased or made for less than $100. This is significantly cheaper than other forms of print advertising and promotion. Sandwich boards are a very budget-friendly way for small businesses to market themselves.

Flexible & Versatile

Sandwich board signs are highly visible, lightweight, and easy to move. This makes them extremely versatile for small businesses. They can be placed near the entrance to a store, on the sidewalk, near the register, or in any high-traffic area. Sandwich boards are easily adjustable and great for highlighting different promotions, specials, and announcements.

Engages Pedestrians

Unlike stationary signage, sandwich boards stand out on the sidewalk, where they can actively engage pedestrians. The A-frame shape demands attention, and pedestrians walking by will naturally look down to avoid the sign. This gives them a chance to absorb the message on the board.

Creates Urgency

Sandwich boards are ideal for highlighting limited-time offers. They can create a sense of Urgency and excitement around daily specials, flash sales, and other promotions that are only available for a short time. This can effectively drive customers into the business.

Best Practices for Sandwich Board Signs

To maximize results, follow these best practices when using sidewalk signs:

Location, Location, Location

Choose high-foot traffic areas near entry points or intersections to place sandwich boards. Avoid positioning them in locations that will irritate pedestrians or block pathways.

Eye-Catching Custom Designs

The imagery and text on the boards should be bold, simple, and attention-grabbing. Use bright colors, strong contrasts, and your business logo. Keep the message concise.

Change It Up

Update the messaging on your sandwich boards regularly to promote new offerings. This will keep the signs fresh and interesting to passersby.

Include a Call to Action

Every sandwich board should motivate customers to act, whether to come inside, make a purchase, or claim an offer. A compelling call to action is essential.

Adhere to Local Laws

Make sure to follow any municipal regulations in your area regarding sidewalk signs. Don’t place boards in illegal spots.

Alternatives to Sandwich Boards

In some settings and situations, other sign options may be better suited than sandwich boards:

  • Banners – More visible from a distance, ideal for on-building display.
  • Posters – Display inside windows to target customers who are already entering.
  • Yard Signs – Placed along roadways and parking lots to attract passing drivers.
  • Digital Displays – TV or tablet screens can showcase dynamic messaging. Requires power source.

However, for most small businesses, sandwich board signs offer an unbeatable combination of effectiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

Get Creative with Sandwich Boards

Beyond basic promotional signs, some clever small businesses have used sandwich boards in innovative ways:

  • Menu displays outside restaurants
  • Announcing daily specials or events
  • Advertising job openings
  • Providing directions or parking instructions
  • Displaying real-time wait times for service
  • Showcasing customer testimonials

Sandwich board signs are a versatile and valuable marketing tool for small businesses of all types. They are easy to implement and can produce real results if used strategically. As an affordable way to attract attention and bring in more customers, sandwich boards are a smart investment that delivers excellent ROI.

Avail Our Services

For over 30 years, Grafics Unlimited in Sparks, Nevada, has specialized in creating exceptional, custom-made sandwich board signs that capture attention and deliver for businesses. With their talented designers, premium materials, and timely production, Grafics Unlimited ensures your sandwich board promotion is eye-catching and effective. Partner with the local experts at Grafics Unlimited and get a high-converting sandwich board sign made for your small business today by calling them or visiting their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size for outdoor sandwich board signs?

The most common size for outdoor A-frame signs is 24″ x 36″. This size provides good visibility for pedestrians while still being portable and easy to maneuver. Other popular sandwich board sign sizes are 18″ x 24″ for a smaller option and 36″ x 48″ for a larger, more visible sign. Your size for your outdoor sandwich board signs will depend on your goals, available space, and any size regulations in your area.

What materials are best for outdoor sandwich board signs?

Weather-resistant materials like corrugated plastic and wood are best for outdoor A-frame signs. Plastic panels with an A-frame stand tend to be lightweight yet durable. Corrugated plastic is also long-lasting and can withstand outdoor elements. High-density urethane and PVC foam boards are additionally good outdoor sign material options. Avoid using standard paper and cardboard for outdoor sandwich board signs.

How can I make my sandwich board signs more visible?

Use bold colors, strong contrasts, and simple, easy-to-read text to maximize visibility for your sandwich board signs. Keep the messaging short and eye-catching. Incorporate graphics and your business logo. Use chalkboard paint or add changeable letters so you can update messages regularly. Place your A-frame signs in optimal high-traffic locations near sidewalks, walkways, and business entrances. Position them strategically so pedestrians can easily see them.

What are some tips for securing outdoor sandwich board signs?

Since outdoor A-frame signs will be unattended, use quality materials that are less prone to damage or theft. Add weight, such as sandbags, to the base if needed to keep the sign upright and prevent wind tip-over. Use a protective clear coat finish to safeguard against weathering. Choose durable hinges and hardware. Add a lock to secure the two sides together when not used. Don’t leave sandwich boards outside overnight. Take indoors or secure overnight to prevent theft.

How can I ensure my outdoor sandwich board signs comply with regulations?

Check your local municipal codes to see if there are any size, placement, or permit requirements for outdoor A-frame signs in your area. Make sure to follow any relevant guidelines and don’t place signs in illegal spots. Get the proper permits if needed. Avoid blocking walkways or creating tripping hazards. Adhere to limitations on commercial signage in public areas. Responsible placement and compliance will keep your outdoor A-frame signs effective.

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