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King Camo is one of the most well-known names in camouflage, and Grafics Unlimited is very excited to announce it is an official licensed manufacturer of King Camo.

While Grafics Unlimited has specialized in camo wraps for many years in northern Nevada the addition of official King Camo products brings a whole dimension to our camouflage services.

King Camo offers several camouflage options to give your vehicle the perfect accent you are looking for. With coloring arrangements like Desert Shadow, Pink Shadow, Snow Shadow, Mountain Shadow and Woodland Shadow you will be amazed at the beautiful textured layers these graphics depict.

Whether you’re prepping your off-road vehicle for hunting season or looking to wrap your entire truck in camo, Grafics Unlimited can help you get the best camouflage on the market with King Camo!

Check out the gallery below for examples of our King Camo designs and color options. Then call Grafics Unlimited to learn more about camo truck wraps!

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