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Sandwich boards or A-boards are one of the oldest yet most effective marketing tools. They are used by businesses whose building signs are not visible. They are also used for advertising specials or a promotion.

Even in the social media era, the importance of sandwich boards in marketing cannot be overlooked. They are very useful tools for both small and big businesses alike. If you are yet to open your business, using sandwich boards is also a surefire way to raise awareness.

Here are some of the good reasons why you should consider sandwich boards in promoting your business.

They are cost effective

sandwich sign on sidewalk

Sandwich boards are inexpensive and reusable

If you have budget constraints for advertising, sandwich boards can provide you the best cost-effective solution. Sandwich boards may require a higher initial cost compared to printing out several copies of a poster. But they can last for many years and can even be reused if needed.

Also, the cost of a sandwich board is very affordable even if a professional signboard expert designs it. You can have it customized in a way that will look appealing to customers. A sandwich sign is indeed an affordable option and an excellent investment for any business.

They are durable

Sandwich boards are made of good quality materials. They are also designed to withstand any kind of weather condition. Whether you choose plastic or wooden boards, you can be guaranteed they last for years. You won’t continually have to spend on new materials to advertise your business.

They are reusable

Because sandwich boards are made to stand the test of time, they can be reused or updated anytime you want. And that means a lot of savings for your business. You can be creative on your advertisement and alter it whenever needed. Simply use the same sandwich board and create new ads to display.

They are portable

Another amazing thing about sandwich boards as a marketing tool is their portability. They are not only useful at your business location. You can bring them with you during events or whichever location you need to advertise your business at.

Sandwich boards can be used as an information panel in your booth during a conference or convention. They can also be used to lead people to your kiosk or to display prices when you’re holding a sale. Since sandwich boards use extruded rubber feet and flexible hinges, they are easy to carry around. They are also stable even on uneven ground.

They are excellent tools for local advertising

If you are advertising locally, choosing an outdoor sandwich board is a great idea. Many local businesses such as restaurants, stores, and boutiques use a sandwich board to display their ads. They place it along the roadside where it is highly visible to the public. It is a simple tool, yet it can be very effective in driving people’s attention to your business.

They allow mobile advertising

Using sandwich boards for your business allows you to do movable or mobile advertising. You can have a person go around and carry the sandwich sign board at different places. This is an excellent way to reach as many audiences as possible.

If you have a specific target audience, this is the best way for you to get them to read your ads. You can go exactly where they are present so you can introduce them your business. For example, a diner can place the sandwich sign board near commercial areas during lunch or dinner to attract customers to their place.

With sandwich boards, you have the easiest way to promote your business anytime, anywhere. You can share the details about your business to passersby and target audience.

Sandwich boards can benefit your business in more ways than one. Now that you have realized its impact as an effective marketing tool, it’s important to find a qualified sign board expert to help you out. And that’s where we come in. For customized sandwich boards for your business, contact Grafics Unlimited.

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