food truck wraps reno

You’ve seen plenty of vehicle wraps in Reno. Bold, colorful vehicles emblazoned with a business’s name, catchy graphics and contact info. Unlike a magnetic sign slapped on a vehicle’s door or a tagline stuck to the bumper, a vehicle wrap can use all the real estate on a vehicle. Plus, it is pretty hard to ignore a flashy wrap while sitting in rush hour traffic. The imagery sticks in viewers’ memories even if they don’t need your business at the moment.

Vehicle Wrap vs. Billboard

Why do a vehicle wrap? Why not just buy billboard advertising? A billboard ad in a traditional high-traffic area can cost $2,000 or more—per month. The cost of a vehicle wrap is comparable but is a one-time cost that can offer dividends over the long haul. Plus, it gives you the freedom to move your message where you want it to go.

If vehicle wraps work for big-league advertisers like Coca-Cola, Nike and Kraft Foods, can they work for the small business too? You bet! Your vehicles are already out in the community getting your services to customers. Why not maximize their use by transforming them into billboards on wheels?

Car Wrap Your Way To The Top

From design to installation, a vehicle wrap done by Grafics Unlimited can increase your visibility. Call us today to get your vehicle wrap design started and see how quickly you can make your business stick out around town!

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