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National Bike Month happens every May in the US. Originally established in 1956, it is celebrated in many communities across the country. Why a national month? Many reasons, but arguably the best reason why National Bike Month was created to last a full month is that it encourages people to get out there and ride. Reasons to ride Helps the environment One of the most obvious and beneficial reasons why biking is such a good choice is that it has minimal impact on the environment. As more and more communities create biking paths and lanes, it makes biking a more viable form of transportation. And when more people choose to ride their bike over driving their car, the environment benefits even more. Helps your health While it’s not hard to hop on a stationary bike at the gym, it’s more practical to ride your bike outside. Why? It works your […]

Sandwich boards or A-boards are one of the oldest yet most effective marketing tools. They are used by businesses whose building signs are not visible. They are also used for advertising specials or a promotion. Even in the social media era, the importance of sandwich boards in marketing cannot be overlooked. They are very useful tools for both small and big businesses alike. If you are yet to open your business, using sandwich boards is also a surefire way to raise awareness. Here are some of the good reasons why you should consider sandwich boards in promoting your business. They are cost effective If you have budget constraints for advertising, sandwich boards can provide you the best cost-effective solution. Sandwich boards may require a higher initial cost compared to printing out several copies of a poster. But they can last for many years and can even be reused if needed. […]

Unless you live under a rock, your life has been impacted by the efforts of a volunteer. There’s just no way around it. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes …from the local church youth group raising money for the homeless, to the first responders in rural communities everywhere, people are giving their time and their talents to help others. This month, the nation takes time to honor the efforts of the amazing men, women and children, who make the world a better place through volunteering. While a great way to celebrate National Volunteer Month is to thank every volunteer you meet, a more fulfilling way to observe this holiday is to start volunteering yourself! Here are some of the reasons why people choose to volunteer…perhaps they’ll encourage you to volunteer too! It reduces stress Surprised? You shouldn’t be. When you’re focused on meeting the needs of others, any normal […]

Newspaper ads, TV ads and postcard mailings are some of the most common means of promotion. Used by a lot of small businesses, these marketing methods are proven to be effective. But they are not the most cost effective solutions for a business that’s just starting out. For one, it is difficult to stand out when your ads are in a local newspaper. Not to mention that they don’t really draw very much attention considering its size. Advertising on the TV, on the other hand, can be very costly for a start up business. So how do you build brand recognition and gain visibility while trying to work on a budget? Use effective business signs. Using outdoor business signs is a cost efficient way of introducing your business to the public. You can put your company name, company logo and contact information on things like car door magnets, window decals […]

Celebrating National Nutrition Month gives businesses the opportunity to share the latest research in healthy eating and lifestyle habits. It also provides a means of encouraging everyone to be more healthy, in a fun and engaging way. Is everyone at your office is already focused on eating better and exercising? There’s still always something new to learn about nutrition! Read through the following suggestions for some ideas on how your team can celebrate National Nutrition Month this year. Contests A contest is a great way to get people talking about nutrition. One idea – send out a daily email with a question about nutrition. Collect the right responses, then at the end of the month hold a drawing for the winner(s). T-shirts, drinking cups, pens, pencils, magnets, etc. which promote healthy living are good options for prizes. Hold a healthy recipe contest among employees. Ask for volunteer judges among upper […]

The competition in business is just getting tougher. For this reason, it’s becoming more and more difficult to leave an impression and stand out. It’s why different forms of marketing and advertising were created: to grab target audience’s attention, close sales and earn profit. When we talk about advertising, most people would think about the ads they see on TV, magazines, billboards and so on. But businesses have found many different ways to advertise their brand. And one method never fails to do its job – floor graphics. Using floor graphics can be beneficial for your business in more ways than one. Some of them are mentioned as follows. Effective form of product advertisement Printed floor graphics are an effective way to capture the attention of people and introduce your products. Want them to know about your new products, or be aware of products that are on sale? Using attractive […]

It seems almost every company around the world has been relying on internet marketing when it comes to advertising their business. Despite this popularity of digital marketing, the old-school way of using printed business banners still remains one of the most effective marketing tools. While it is smart to incorporate the use of the internet to promote your business, it is also essential you don’t forget about traditional advertising methods. Here are some excellent reasons why you need to continue using custom banners for your business. 24/7 Brand Exposure Want advertising that’s visible around the clock? Consider getting custom banners. With custom banners, you get 24/7 brand exposure because you don’t have to take them down. They also don’t expire after a few hours. In digital advertising, people only get to see posts on their social media feeds for a limited period. As new ads come in, yours become buried […]

The first National Snack Food Month was celebrated in February 1989. It was initiated by the Snack Food Association and National Potato Promotion Board. The intent is to build snack food awareness and increase consumption of snack foods during a time when their sales are typically low. Snack food doesn’t have to mean “junk” food Are you and your team among the thousands of Americans trying to find balance in their eating habits? You may decide to skip the celebration, but why not choose guilt-free snack food instead? Instead of boxes of little donuts or bags of greasy chips – or in addition to, no judgment here – add a wide variety of healthy foods that everyone can enjoy. Here’s how to celebrate National Snack Food Month with your co-workers: Plan your snacks Are you the team manager, company owner and/or the person who’s been nominated to the task? Put […]

Many car owners wonder whether they should wrap their vehicles or have them painted. Wondering the same thing? Learn the details and differences between what paints and wraps can do for your car — and your wallet. For one, wraps are cheaper compared to paint. If you are working on a tight budget, the quality of paint may be compromised. It may look great at first, but will lose its luster after a couple of years. Eventually, you’ll need to get the paint job redone. Here are some reasons why you should choose a wrap over a custom paint job. Lower cost. Car wraps are cheaper compared to custom car paint. If you want a high quality paint job, you must be willing to spend more. It could cost you around $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the quality. When it comes to car wraps, the highest quality materials only cost […]

Love to knit or do you prefer whitewater rafting? Maybe you love to sell your jewelry on Etsy or you give scrapbooks to your family as gifts each Christmas. Whatever it is that you – and your co-workers – love to do on your time off, one of the most surprising ways to learn more about your co-workers is to discover their hobbies. For example, maybe you’ll find out that the soft spoken receptionist for the sales department loves to scream out rock and roll songs at the neighborhood karaoke bar. Or you’ll learn that your “tough as nails” supervisor has won the Annual Chili Cook-off for the past three years running. When you take the time to share your hobby with others you deepen their understanding of what you enjoy which can increase their appreciation for who you are as a team member. Why it’s important to choose a […]