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Benefits of a Clear Bra for Your Car

A clear bra is a colorless plastic wrap mainly used to protect the paint and vulnerable areas of your car. This clear polymer shield is often installed in the specific parts of your car that are prone to damage. These include the side mirrors, rocker panels, lower fascia, hood, front and rear bumpers and any other surface, which faces directly towards the front or bottom of your car.

Clear bra’s protect your car from daily hazards, such as roadside debris that can cause chips on your bumper, as well as dings and scrapes from drivers who don’t seem to know how to park properly.

A clear bra can protect your car from the Reno elements!

Why do you need a clear bra for your car?

A clear bra for your car offers a lot of advantages, including the following:

• Prevents rusting on your car due to chipping
• Prevents chipping off of paint in vulnerable areas
• Prevents chemical reactions that may destroy your car’s paint
• Easy to replace when the need arises
• Keeps the paint looking new, therefore, increasing the resale value of your car
• It is unnoticeable and keeps the aesthetic value of your car.

This product is not only suitable for cars. You can also apply it on trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, boats or even outside furniture. The first protection film was developed by the military for protecting their armored vehicles and helicopters from damage due to flying debris.

When properly installed, it can keep your car looking new for a longer time compared to just washing, waxing and adding a buff.

Things to Consider before installing a Clear Bra

It is recommended to add a clear bra to your car once you get a hold of it to keep it looking new longer. Adding a protection film when there is already a chip or rust will defeat its purpose. While it is great to save money from your purchases, you also have to consider the quality of the product. Low quality products tend to yellow overtime. They also tend to peel around the edges, so you need to change them more often.

Proper installation is important for better protection and efficiency. Improper installation can cause air bubbles where dirt and tiny objects can get into and cause damage to your car’s paint. It is also important to make sure that all necessary spots are covered and cuts are even, so the aesthetics of your car will not be affected. It is best to look for an certified installer for better results.

Clear Bra for your car at Grafics Unlimited

As Reno’s premier provider of car wraps and decals, Grafics Unlimited also specializes in clear bra installation in Reno. Our clear bra certified installers will make sure that the job is done right so that you can get all the benefits of a clear bra installation. Come check out our services and contact us today!

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