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Signs are everywhere, but not all of them are made equal. So what makes a sign stand out?

What are Engraved Signs and What can They Do?

Throughout history, engraved signs have been utilized to create an impactful, tasteful, and durable signage designed to create a better experience. These types of signs are highly preferred over, say, printed ones because the former present a number of advantages the latter don’t.

What are the Advantages of Engraved Signs

For one, these type of signs look better. These signs give the impression that they were not made in a hurry. Their overall classy appeal gives them an authoritative but warm vibe.

Depending on your needs and preferences, engravings can be etched on a variety of materials, such as aluminum, glass, brass, stainless steel, marble, leather, plastic, and wood. These lend them durability and longevity, such that they are made to be used for a long time.

Engraved Signs for Your Business

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Engraved Name Signs add a professional look to your office.

Engraved signs are made for a wide variety of purposes both indoors and outdoors. In offices, they are most commonly installed to feature the company logo, as well as to indicate door numbers. Apart from the room number, door plates can likewise be engraved to indicate the name and position of the room’s occupant or what the room is used for (e.g., seminar room, conference room, green room, audiovisual room, library, etc.).

Inside the room itself, desk name plates can be engraved to indicate the name or title of the person using them. These can be customized to allow for greater freedom in design. They are then made either by hand or machine. Recently, laser engraving has also been introduced. This process in useful in creating little details that cannot otherwise be rendered using the traditional engraving process.

Other signs that can be engraved include common signs, such as frontdesk information, no smoking signs, signs pointing directions, safety warnings, as well as directories indicating the room numbers of people occupying the building. Table tents and table signs can be engraved, too.

Note that all these signs can be customized to cater to people with disabilities. For example, signs using tactile or Braille messages can be made for the visually handicapped.

Outdoors, engraved signs can also be utilized for a wide array of purposes. Signs showing directions, signs indicating the name of the place, or signs indicating warnings can all be engraved, too.

Other signs that can be engraved include memorials for the dead. These are commonly engraved in marble, lending a somber and subdued respect for the person to whom the memorial is dedicated.

Beyond the usual signs, though, other things that can be engraved include plaques and even actual products. Messages on plaques, whether given as awards of recognition or giveaways or memorials, are traditionally engraved. This lends a sense of permanence to the thing itself – something that can be used or displayed in a very long while.

Finally, goods and merchandise can be engraved on, too. This is done either to put the brand logo on the product or to customize the thing itself by indicating the name of its owner.

Engraved Signs with Grafics Unlimited

Grafics Unlimited is the premier provider of engraved signs and other office, indoor and outdoor signage to the Reno area. We are dedicated to making your business look professional and inviting. Come check out our gallery and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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