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Getting the word out and letting the public know about the products or services a business offers can be very challenging, more so for small-scale enterprises with an advertising budget that is way less compared to bigger and established firms. Needless to say, stretching the allocated money for marketing to ensure maximum audience reach requires creativity and ingenuity.

Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

One of the best ways to promote a brand without breaking the bank is by employing the use of wrap advertising or vehicle wraps. For the uninitiated, wrap advertising entails wrapping a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles in a pre-designed advertisement or campaign. Trucks, buses, and cars can be utilized for this form of advertising.

There are a number of reasons why wrap advertising makes for a good marketing strategy. Principally, resorting to this form of brand promotion is a lot cheaper compared to more traditional advertising methods. For instance, paying for a 30-second ad on radio or TV is not only expensive, it’s also a one-time shot at hopefully capturing your target demographic.

Cost Effective Advertising

In contrast, wrap advertising does not cost as much to produce. Decals made of comfortable vinyl wrapping bearing the design of your marketing campaign can be had for a fraction of the cost required in advertising in mainstream media. Not only are these decals flexible enough to be installed on any surface – whether it be curved or made up of angular edges – they also last last long enough to sustain your campaign period.

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Use vehicle graphics for a good cause in the Reno community!

But while undoubtedly cost-efficient, vehicle wraps are not any less effective. The beauty in the use of wrap advertising is that the mobility of the vehicle bearing the advertisement allows it to be seen by as many people as possible. Several crucial factors, such as time of the day, traffic movement, site of traffic, and crowd presence, all play a role in the success of this form of advertising. In general, however, studies have shown that the use of wrap advertising results in an improvement in brand awareness and increase in sales.

One of the reasons why advertising by way of wrap advertising is a good marketing strategy, particularly for small businesses, is that it specifically addresses the local market that your business caters to. It is  a more direct and relevant form of advertising because the people who are going to see it are likely to be staying within the radius of your business operations.

But while the use of vehicle wraps to advertise your business has the potential of being direct, it is nonetheless far less aggressive and intrusive than other forms of advertising. Unlike radio, TV, or online ads which can have the effect of impressing upon you the obligation to watch and listen, wrap advertising is more casual and chill for vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

More importantly, the use of vinyl vehicle wrap does not damage the vehicle itself. In fact, the wrapping can be easily removed anytime without ruining the paint underneath. This provides you with greater flexibility as to when to stick a new or updated wrap and when to take it off, all without worrying about ruining the vehicle’s original design.

Vehicle Wraps with Grafics Unlimited

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