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One of the best ways to advertise your business is by placing a car decal on your car or truck. It doesn’t matter whether you run a cab company, a floral delivery service, or you’re a tradesman, putting your company logo on the side of your car is great advertising. Here are a few more reasons to consider vinyl decals.

Vinyl Car Decals Are Cheap

Branding a business vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, is usually pretty expensive. However, a car decal business can make a car window decal pretty cheaply. Carpet companies, tradesmen, florists, and HVAC companies all use them on their vans and trucks. Usually, a business will advertise an introductory price right on the side of the van. So, when they drive around town, everyone sees their “best deal.”

Potential customers can approach the business owner or employee and request a quote without having to scroll through search engine results pages. There’s also an inherent level of trust that comes with this kind of advertising. If someone sees your logo on the side of your van, and you’re working at a neighbor’s house, the assumption is you’re a legitimate (and professional) business.

These vinyl car decals can almost always be designed for less than $300, with application costing $100 or less. Consider it a low-cost alternative to billboard advertising.

A Car Window Decal Improves Visibility Of Your Brand

The nice thing about a vinyl decal is they hold up to the weather nicely which means you end up getting a lot of “impressions” over the life of the decal. A good decal will become the “face” of your brand. Putting it on your vehicle lets you saturate a geographic area with your logo, building awareness.

Car Decal Grafics Unlimited

Each One Tell One

Prospects may not remember where they put your business card, but they won’t forget a great-looking logo. If your vehicle is constantly driving through a neighborhood, they’ll remember your name, and probably your phone number (provided it’s an easy one to remember).

Because of the high visibility your brand will get, you’ll want to train your employees to act professionally while out on the road and at job sites. Remember, this is your “face.” Anything they do out there reflects on you.

It’s Authoritative

People inherently trust authorities, even when they shouldn’t. When a random stranger sees your decal, they will immediately assume you know more than they do about whatever it is you do. They’re also more likely to respect your opinion and listen to you. The more authority you have, the better. Decals help establish your authority because they’re a professional representation of your brand and business.

It’s A Tax Write-off

Your decal is a business expense. Under the IRS code, you’re allowed to write off all business expenses. While you can’t write off the entire vehicle, you can write off the expense associated with any advertising. All you need to do for tax purposes is keep track of the receipts.

The IRS scrutinizes all expenses of a business to ensure compliance with the tax laws. if you try to cheat the IRS, you may be audited.

It Makes A Statement

Vinyl car decal Grafics Unlimited

Customers will judge you by first impressions. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best tradesman in your industry. If you don’t look professional, people will assume you’re not.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to prevent that. Hire a professional designer. Have the designer make a professional logo. Then, use that logo as the basis for designing your decal. A good shop should be able to make your decal from a mock up provided by your designer.

Before you have the decal made, get a second pair of eyes on it. Does it look professional? If you were a stranger, would you buy from your company? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start over.

Think about the one thing that separates you from your competition. Think about your unique value proposition. Try to incorporate that into your logo design and then into your decal. For example, if your services are 20% cheaper than your competition because your equipment allows you to do a better job in half the time, then you could consider using that in your decal design. Put the discount right on the side of your van.

If your brand offers a high-end service, make your decal reflect that fact.

Have we convinced you that should get a decal for your car? Contact us today to learn how we can help design the car decal right for you!

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