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Signs of Success: 11 Tips for Effective Business Signs

Signs for businesses can be a great option for attracting new customers and increasing your revenue stream if done well. If your sign isn’t properly thought out, however, it can end up being a drain on your bottom line. With these 11 tips for effective business signs, you can be sure that yours is put to the best use for your company.

1. Use an Outdoor Lighted Sign for Your Business

Using an outdoor sign for your business is a great option for attracting your local demographic. Keeping it lit ensures that it is seen at all times of the day. A great example of this would be to use a metal business sign such as a monument sign. Not only does it help target your local demographic, but it alerts your customers to your precise location.

2. Use an LED Business Sign

A neon business sign makes a great window sign for your business attracting customers with its flash. These days there are arguments that an LED business sign is even better. While a neon business sign can be less expensive initially, an LED sign can be more cost effective over the long term. Aside from the savings you get on your monthly energy bill, you have much less upkeep with an LED sign. Maintenance drops from a few times a year to once every five to ten years.

3. Choose a Conspicuous Location for Your Sign

Signs for businesses should be placed in a location that makes sense for the business. Ideally, it is placed directly in front of the business. If that’s not possible always keep the outdoor sign for your business in front of the entrance to the parking lot of your building. You don’t want customers passing the turn before they know you are there.

4. Be Mindful of Your Brand

If you have a simple logo, use it. If your logo is more complex and wouldn’t be appropriate on your business sign, use colors that coordinate with your logo. No matter what you add to your sign you want to make it recognizable as your brand from a distance.

5. Use Bold Graphics and Easy to Read Print

All signs should use bold graphics and easy to read print so that they can be seen clearly from as far away as possible. This is true even on the window sign for your company. You may think that it only matters when customers are up close, but if your sign can be read from the parking lot it may cause more than one person to be interested enough to stop by.

6. Determine the Appropriate Height for Your Sign

If you have a metal business sign that can be used at any height, consider the point of view of your customer. Are they sitting in a car as they view your sign or walking by? Keep all signs at your customer’s eye level.

7. Use Colors to Your Advantage

First, make sure that the colors you use contrast the surroundings. You don’t want all of the money you spent on the outdoor lighted sign for your business wasted on one that blends into the background. Next, use different colors to evoke emotions. Yellow evokes happiness, blue evokes confidence, green suggests health, while purple suggests mystery. Of course, keep your brand colors in mind as well.

8. Stay Within your Zoning Laws

Your city and/or county has zoning laws regarding the signs you choose to use and their placement. Obtain their laws regarding signs for businesses and determine how they affect the ones you want to use before you make your purchase.

9. Maintain Your Sign

Bulbs burn out and weather can wreak havoc especially on an outdoor lighted sign for your company. Replace and repair any damage as it happens. Customers are discouraged from pulling into any business that appears to be rundown or on its way there.

10. Use Borders to Focus Attention

A border around your sign such as the window sign for your business helps to focus your customer’s attention. Their eyes are instinctively drawn inward where your logo and business information are.

11. Update Your Sign When Needed

Your sign is one important piece of your marketing strategy. If your logo changes, so should your sign. If your colors change, so should your sign. If it’s beginning to look outdated, update it. Be sure that your sign remains as relevant as your business.

Following these tips helps to create effective signs for business. Increase your revenue stream today with your own custom business sign. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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