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Reno can be an unforgiving climate for cars, especially for the front fascia of a vehicle. Our high winds can kick up lots of debris, causing countless scrapes and marks to your car. Protect your car from all of the treacherous Reno driving conditions with a clear bra.

Clear Bra Protection for High Speeds

Dings, dents, and scratches that affect the front of your car usually come from high speed encounters like driving on the freeway. The added velocity of debris or bugs can do more damage to your car at a higher speed. Those bugs may not survive the impact, but the front fascia of your car will take a hit, too!

Clear bras for Reno cars are especially helpful because of the surplus of construction and development in the area and high tractor trailer traffic. Car owners in Reno also see additional damage to their cars during the winter, when there is road salt to melt the snow and ice on the roads. Reno car owners can protect their cars from road salt in the winter with clear bras.

Clear Bras Protect Resale Value

Not all cars stay with you for a lifetime. If you decide to sell one of your used cars, the value of the vehicle decreases with paint damage, especially along the front fascia of the vehicle. Using a bra for your car protects its resale value in the Reno community, and using a clear bra keeps the style of your car consistent.

Clear bras do not alter the aesthetic of your Reno car or the factory finish, so you are preserving the value of our vehicle for potential resale. The clear bra application requires no hooks that could ultimately cause damage to your vehicle like a fabric bra requires.

Clear Bras for Reno Cars

To protect your cars, you used to only have the one option of a fabric bra that clips in with plastic hooks. As technology has developed, those who love and protect cars have developed a polymer shield that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. The clear bra provides Reno drivers with protection without the added on “sport feel” of a fabric bra or a compromised aesthetic to the car’s body.

The clear bra, also known as a Paint Protection Film, can protect your car from things like road salt during Reno winters and curve rash. The clear bra will also protect your car from vandalism, and you can see technicians experimenting with keying a car that has a clear bra!

Clear Bra Protection at Grafics Unlimited

Grafics Unlimited can provide your clear bra protection with care and attention to detail. Our trained team can fit vehicles of any size and model with wraps and clear bras as well.

Clear bra protection can be applied to many different vulnerable surface areas of your car: the hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, full front bumper, rear trunk, rocker panels, and more! Clear bras protect your cars from the Reno elements for many years, so your investment pays off.

Contact us at Grafics Unlimited to get your car wrapped with a clear bra in the Reno and Sparks community today!

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