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Engraved signs add a degree of professionalism and permanence to a work place. An engraved sign can add texture and dimension in ways that are more stimulating to the eyes. Make your business stand out with an eye-catching engraved sign!

Engraved Name Signs

Grafics Unlimited Engraved Signs

Engraved Name Signs add a professional look to your office.

Make your office and your position more professional with an engraved name sign outside of your office and an engraved nameplate on your desk. If a loved one or friend just received a promotion, a custom engraved nameplate can be the perfect gift!

Materials for Engraved Signs

Many different materials can be used to create engraved signs for your business. With each material comes a different protocol for safe and efficient engraving. If you want your engraved sign made from wood, make sure you have the tools to engrave in wood as opposed to a metal or plastic material. Engraving on a solid piece of wood has a different effect than engraving on composite or manufactured wood material, so make sure you know how your materials match up with your engraving tools!

Engraved signs can be made to have many different looks. The action of engraving into a sign can cause the surrounding areas to be stained with smoke. This smoke stain can provide a rustic look. If you want a clean and crisp engraved sign, place masking tape on the surface of your sign before engraving. The masking tape will protect the surface of the rest of the sign from smoke staining.

Durability of Engraved Signs

Engraved signs can last you and your company several years if you properly care for your signs. The durability of an engraved sign is also dependent on the placement of the sign. Engraved signs that are exposed to the elements outdoors will not last quite as long as signs placed indoors.

Cost of Engraved Signs

engraved signs

Use an engraved sign so customers can see your address.

Engraved signs can be a significant investment for a company, but if people cannot find your business you are already paying a high price. Since engraved signs last so much longer than other signage options, the long-term investment of an engraved sign will save you money over time.

Your budget for an engraved sign should reflect how large and ornate the sign needs to be. An intricate design on a tricky material may require more work than a simple design on a common material.

ADA Compliance for Engraved Signs

Engraved signs that are ADA compliant have raised characters, while engraved signs that do not require ADA compliance can have indented characters. Check if your signs need to be ADA compliant and also have braille before investing in your engraved signs.

Engraved Signs at Grafics Unlimited

At Grafics Unlimited, we can create engraved signs for all of your business and personal needs. If you are making your company and brand more trustworthy, consider an engraved sign from a Reno company like Grafics Unlimited.

Our qualified team at Grafics Unlimited can work with you to find the proper size, material, and design to ensure your engraved sign serves its purpose. Learn more about engraved signs from Grafics Unlimited by calling us today!

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