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Custom stickers are great tools that can help you market your business and generate new leads. They can be used at all types of events, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Custom stickers are inexpensive, and easy to design and distribute. The best thing about using custom stickers to market your business is that they are a great way to effectively spread brand awareness everywhere you go.  In this blog post, we will discuss some of the ways that you can use these promotional tools for marketing purposes!

Give custom stickers as gifts

Regardless of the type of products or services you offer, custom stickers make an ideal loyalty gift each time a customer makes a purchase. They are inexpensive and thoughtful. Display your sticker on each purchased product or throw one in your customers’ bags with each purchase to show how much you appreciate their business, and make it easy for customers to share your company with friends and family members. 

Also, you may also want to consider including an inspirational message on your stickers that reflects the personality of your brand for added engagement. Make sure your stickers can be used everywhere, such as laptops, cars, and water bottles, for example.

Sell your custom stickers as branded merchandise

Have you thought of selling custom stickers as branded merchandise for your company? Doing this is an easy way to increase profit margins when you are running promotions or special events for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. If you have a carefully created sticker for your company, it may even become something that people will collect over time, which then can help increase your bottom line!

If you have a retail store,  consider putting up some of your custom stickers near the check-out area for display. This will draw attention from potential customers who may opt to buy stickers as impulse purchases while checking out. If you have an e-commerce website,  you may consider featuring your low-cost stickers in a dedicated section of your site so that your customers can add them to their cart before checking out.

Give out stickers at a trade show

Custom stickers are an excellent way to generate traffic at trade shows. They’re also unique giveaways that can help make your brand stand out from your competitors.  

Consider handing out stickers with cool designs and funny sayings during trade shows or events. You can include them with some of your other promotional materials. 

Hand out stickers during special events

Are you launching a new product or holding a special event at your retail store?  If so, make sure you give out stickers that will attract your clients’ attention. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you may offer free custom stickers in exchange for feedback about the product. The same goes for other types of events in which gathering customer feedback is beneficial, such as conferences and workshops.

Using personalized or customized stickers will help others remember who you are and the specific event they attended. They will help ensure that both your current and potential customers connect emotionally with your brand, which helps you garner loyalty. 

Stick your custom stickers on some items in your store

Stickers are an effective option because people use them everywhere: laptops, cars, and social media profiles, just to name a few. You can find stickers anywhere there’s blank space. And if your customers can stick them anywhere, why not do the same in your own store?

Put your custom stickers on some of the products or items you sell.  You might put them on your cash register, an employee’s laptop, or a water bottle. The more you use, the more your stickers will be visible to your store’s visitors.  

Consider bumper stickers

Another great way to promote your company with custom stickers is by creating and distributing bumper stickers for your business. These are another forms of free and easy advertising. When people display them on their vehicles, you can reach more people and build brand awareness. 

Add stickers to your packaging

For an extra boost to your marketing efforts, consider adding stickers on the packaging of some of your products. In addition to making it easier for customers to identify your brand, this also has the potential to create more word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers.

Customized stickers are an excellent way to promote any business. They tend to elicit a higher conversion rate than other promotional materials because they’re interactive and can provide instant gratification. 

Here at Grafics Unlimited, we create custom die-cut stickers for personal or business applications. We will help you determine the right size and material for your project. Contact us for more information. 


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