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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing marketing world, it takes far more than a good sentence to keep customers committed and prospects interested in your brand. It takes a hardworking team of creative professionals to successfully propagate and substantiate the face of your company. Time is short and ROI returns are slim, and you need to start revolutionizing your company’s marketing returns whether or not you’re fully in control. Advertising your business through car decals is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of marketing there is, generating localized word-of-mouth advertising as a moving, personalized bulletin board. 

Creating the perfect decal is a simple process that can be done by anyone with the desire to learn more about this type of advertising endeavor. 

Types of Car Decals  

Before you decide on your decal message, it’s important to understand the different decal material options. 


This sheer substance is surprisingly durable, lasting for up to five years with proper care. Vinyl can be used for indoor and outdoor use and is safe for placement on both windows and the car body itself. Harsh sunlight, snow, and rain will only marginally affect these kinds of decals. High quality vinyl won’t leave residue upon removal, making it one of the most popular types of car wraps. 


This option is recommended for vehicles that don’t drive on highways or reach driving speeds of 45 MPH or higher. Your decal of choice is printed on white vinyl, then attached to a magnet perfectly suited for car doors and other flat areas. These are easy to remove and ensure that your vehicle stays adhesive and scratch-free, but are not optimized for heavy use or fast driving speeds. Lasting as long as two years, magnets are a great choice for large or less mobile company vehicles. 

Unique Options

Blending in isn’t necessarily the best way to stand out. Reflective vinyl is an excellent car wrap option for the company that expects to spend a good deal of time driving at night. For an extra punch, consider glow-in-the-dark vinyl that can be noticed even from long distances. While the lifespan of these materials is short, the impact it has on potential customers is long-term. 


Vinyl or cling decals are best placed on the back or side windows of the vehicle, while magnetic signs are optimally attached to the sides of doors, trunks, and hoods. Before you decide on the best placement for your graphics, be sure you have a good mental picture of the size and type of signage that your vehicle needs. 


Choose the Right Graphics 

Any kind of image or text can become a graphic, but what kind of graphic is the right one for a vehicle? Most companies are interested in pursuing the following car decals or vehicle wraps: 

  • Stickers showing a link to your business’ URL or link. 
  • A catchy slogan coupled with your company’s picture or logo. 
  • The name of your company followed by some bullet point details about what you do and how you can help. 
  • Promotional sales or savings opportunities. 

All decal designs are unique and depend on the individual needs of the company, but should universally be clean, colorful, and easy to read. For extended help in choosing the right decal, contact your local professional decal designer


Car Decal Advantages 

Vehicle wraps, car wraps, and car decals are all about increasing customer leads and product orders, while simultaneously lowering advertising costs. Potential leads from various locations around your service area are exposed to your business at exactly the right time, creating cost-effective customers anywhere you drive. 


The Best Company for the Job 

When it’s time for you to revolutionize your marketing campaign with vehicle wraps, make sure you invest your time and money into a team with the best ROI. Grafics Unlimited Signs and Designs is a Master Certified Installation Company with over forty years of professional experience in the car wraps field. We are proud to offer the people of Northern Nevada the transformative power of concept into communication. Don’t let your brand’s first impression be sloppy, low-quality, or poorly executed. Reach out to the best in NV design today for service and results you just can’t beat. We’re looking forward to showing you the Unlimited experience.


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