old school sticker marketing

For many years, stickers have become an all-time favorite for many marketers. They have advertised a band, built companies, created a brand, made politicians win elections and increased exposure. Stickers have become a staple in the marketing industry. Even in this new age of social media and digital marketing, stickers are still widely used and remain as effective as ever. After all, they are really affordable and easy to make, print and distribute.  While some prefer to use modern technological advances for their marketing strategies, there are still reasons why companies should not ignore this low-cost yet powerful old sticker marketing.

Helps increase brand awareness

We all know how effective online marketing is nowadays. However, it has become a pretty crowded space and overly saturated. It has come to a point where a lot of people are now developing ad blindness. So while most businesses are trying to catch the consumer’s attention online, take advantage of the less congested offline advertising space.

One of the many advantages of sticker advertising is that it helps your brand stand out. Creating a strong brand is an important marketing strategy for any kind of business. Designing and printing promotional stickers will help you reach your client base and get them involved in your brand. Through sticker branding, they are able to spread the word to your target audience. If they are keen on what you have to offer, they are likely to display your logo, design or slogan wherever they can. It is a known fact that stickers and brand identity go hand in hand. Ever wonder why every new Apple or GoPro product comes with an elegantly-styled sticker? Certainly, those stickers can be seen everywhere.

Promotional stickers not only help multimedia companies with their brand, but also solidifies and increases brand awareness. While big companies may not need so much help when it comes to marketing their products, small ones can benchmark on their marketing methods. Getting a clever design or logo and having it printed on a sticker can attract a lot of attention from many consumers.


Compared to TV, online or other forms of promotional marketing, stickers are very much highly cost-effective. Bulk discounts are also always available when ordering stickers. The more you order, the more discounts you get. Making stickers in large quantities is easier than making single ones, mainly because of how stickers are printed and produced.  Most sticker companies also offer promotional rates for returning customers.


Stickers allow for a lot of creativity. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designs and artwork. With your imagination, it is easy to design stickers that will attract people’s attention like a moth to a flame.

Sticker advertising has allowed companies to create stickers of many shapes and sizes. If you ask, you can put some personalized contour on the artwork and logos which puts a lot more character in the design. One example of a creative way of using sticker marketing is an idea from a famous dog food brand Pedigree. They have partnered with some supermarkets and pet stores to put stickers on the floor. These stickers, sprayed with food essence, look like dog food bowls filled with kibbles. Dogs would begin licking on the stickers and eventually draw their owner’s attention to the brand.

Stickers may have been stereotyped as kid’s items – mostly to keep them occupied, but they have evolved over the years. Stickers can now be used for name badges, bumper stickers, warning signs, simple decorations, product labels, and so much more. From shiny, reflective backgrounds to static or removable cling materials, stickers can be printed on a variety of materials.

Old school social media

Promotional stickers are the offline and physical form of social media advertising. Long before the internet started, people were already liking, tagging, pinning, and starting many conversations with colorful stickers. They are often referred to as the original viral marketing. Once designed and distributed to proper channels, stickers help businesses reach their audience. Promotional stickers are the perfect way to continually generate non-stop exposure and impressions at affordable rates.

Strengthen bonds with customers

When you hand out stickers to your customers, you are directly communicating with them. It’s your way of letting them know how much you appreciate their support and now you need their help to spread the word about your brand. By letting them become invested, a strong relationship is built. These loyal customers are more than happy to share and recommend what you offer to family and friends. Stickers are a great way to make it easier for customers to proactively promote your brand. They just simply have to apply the sticker onto one of the things they own and you will have a talking, walking advertisement. By asking them to identify with you and sharing the benefits, you are creating a bond together.

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