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For all businesses, and especially small business that cater to a local market, a good marketing strategy is key to creating a customer base. In some instances, a marketing strategy is devised in order to create the market itself. For example, think of a new sandwich shop that serves up a type of sandwich that no other sandwich shop in the region does. One sign advertising that sandwich can literally create the market for that sandwich in that city/region in a few days. Marketing is important, especially outdoor marketing.

Outdoor Marketing still Works

Even with the ascent of digital marketing, internet search engines and other forms of tech advertising, old fashion outdoor marketing techniques are still one of the best ways to lure potential customers.

Outdoor marketing

Outdoor marketing still works!

Often, internet marketing is seen as annoying impediment to customer or user experience. Think about how annoying those stupid pop ads can be, especially when they ask you a question and demand an answer before you can proceed.

Because users are starting to ignore these ads, and because old fashion advertising works, internet advertising techniques are actually starting to align with more traditional, less intrusive outdoor advertising.

Take, for example, a quality exterior sign that advertises a business’s services. The sign does nothing to annoy or impede the potential customer’s day or travel. A internet pop up add, however, does exactly that. And research is beginning to indicate that most internet users are actually repelled from a product as a result of digital ads.

Outdoor marketing, by comparison is still strong and shows no sign of losing its effectiveness. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular types of outdoor advertising.

Exterior Signs for Outdoor Marketing

The exterior sign is perhaps the oldest and most popular form of advertising. It has variations in nearly every venue; from billboards along the highway, to eye popping electric exterior signage in Times Square, it is everywhere. And that’s because it works. Exterior signs are cheap and create as many impressions as radio and TV advertising at a fraction of the cost. They are especially effective at targeting a local market, like the sandwich shop sign mentioned above. Take a look at this great infographic on the effectiveness of outdoor signage.

Car Wraps

When it comes to outdoor marketing and advertising, car and vehicles wraps are king. They act as mobile billboard, bringing the message to where there is a large concentration of people: the roads. Of all the outdoor advertising techniques, car wraps offer the best cost per impression ratio, even exceeding that of radio and TV.

Sandwich Signs

Outdoor marketing

Sandwich signs are a great way to get the word out about your business.

Returning to the sandwich shop example above, sandwich signs are great way to catch the attention of customers as they drive or walk past your store or restaurant. If your store is set back in a shopping center, a simple and fully customizable sandwich sign can let passing traffic know about your services, food and special offerings. They are cheap and easy to set up and are an essential outdoor marketing tool.

Outdoor Marketing with Grafics Unlimited

If you want to start or improve your outdoor marketing or outdoor advertising with car wraps, exterior signs, flags, window graphics or banners, Grafics Unlimited can help. Our professional and friendly staff will guide you through the process and help you set up the best signage for your needs. If you decide that a car wrap is what you need, the certified professional installers at Grafics Unlimited in Reno will ensure that your car is ready to carry your message to the driving public. Come check out our portfolio and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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