Are you looking to add some style to your bland factory car color? Do you want to put some zest back into a faded clear coat finish? Before you spend thousands on a custom paint job, read about the benefits of installing a custom vehicle wraps to your car.

Cost Savings

custom vehicle wraps

Show off your creativity with a custom vehicle wrap.f

Custom vehicle wraps are a great alternative to traditional paint jobs. In addition to the personalized styling options that a vehicle wrap affords, car wraps are less costly than a traditional or custom paint job. And a custom car wrap doesn’t take days and possibly weeks of labor to install.

By comparison, a custom paint job can cost many thousands of dollars and take days and even weeks to complete. A custom vehicle wrap can be installed in about 3 days.

Design Options

Love your car but not the paint job? Dealerships often don’t stock the color that you really want. So you picked the next best one. With a custom vehicle wrap, you aren’t limited to just colors. Any design, clor scheme or message can be fashioned to your vehicle with ease.

Protect Car Value

A new paint job requires the removal of the original. The original paint is sanded down and the new paint is applied.

With a custom car wrap, the wrap is applied on top of the original paint. This keeps both the paint safe from dings, scratches and UV rays, it also reduces the depreciation of the car’s value. A future buyer will be impressed by the great condition of the paint and will trust that other aspects of the car have been well kept, making them more likely to pay what you are asking.

Long lasting and durable

custom vehicle wraps

Custom Vehicle wraps are long lasting and durable.

A custom vehicle wrap is a great way to protect the original finish of your car. It also acts as a barrier against dirt, debris and small scratches, dings, and nicks. And custom vehicle wraps can last up to 8 years without significant fading or wear.

Easily Replaceable

Since they are easily installed in the first place, custom car wraps are also easily removable and replaceable. If you have decided to sell your car and want to reveal the pristine factory paint, the car wrap can be removed easily and quickly. And if you get bored with the color or design of your vehicle wrap, you can easily try out a new design without the pain and expense of a custom paint job.

Custom Vehicle Wraps with Grafics Unlimited of Reno

Grafics Unlimited specializes in quality car graphics, including vinyl cut lettering, decals and vehicle wraps. As a certified professional installer of 3M and other car graphic print suppliers, you can be confident that your car will be cared for and that your car graphics will be of the highest, most long lasting quality. The highly trained service professionals at Grafics Unlimited will be there to help you through the process of choosing the best car graphics for your needs, goals, and budget. Come check out our portfolio and contact us today!

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