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Advertising is expensive. Newspapers charge for ads based on circulation and ad placement.  Radio charges for ad length and time slot. Same for television. The rates for conventional, offline advertising techniques all increase as potential impressions increase. This is to be expected. It’s kind of like the old refrain in real estate, “Location! Location! Location!” The more exposure an advertisement medium gets, the greater the chance of a customer conversion. But what if you are on a tight advertising budget and still need to reach a large audience? Good news! Vehicle and bus wraps advertising is a great cost effective way to get the message out. Let’s check it out.

What are Vehicle and Bus Wraps?

Vehicle and bus wraps are large vinyl car decals that can be wrapped over all or some of the vehicle body. Used as both an alternative to traditional paint and as an advertising medium, vehicle and bus wraps are used by businesses and car enthusiasts. They are easily customizable and cheap in comparison with a custom paint job.

Advertising with Vehicle and Bus Wraps

Bus Wrap Grafics Unlimited

Buses wrapped by Grafics Unlimited

The cost effectiveness of an advertising medium is measured by cost per impressions. An impression is what happens when someone views your ad. So, if your cost per impression is high, the advertising method is costing you more per view. The lower it goes, the less you are spending per view. Each view – impression – is a potential customer. The goal of advertising – in most cases – is to reach as many people as possible. Traditionally, newspapers, radio and Television provide superior cost per impressions. But outdoor advertising offers some compelling advantages, especially vehicle and bus wraps.

Vehicle and Bus wraps offer a cost per impression ration that is lower than any other outdoor marketing technique and even beats radio and television.

With a vehicle or bus wrap, you essentially get a mobile billboard. Every trip from a grocery store run to a client meeting turns into an advertising opportunity. Unlike radio, newspapers and even television, vehicle wrap advertising brings the information to the viewer. They don’t have to do anything but be in the vicinity of the car or bus. And voila, they are introduced to you, your company, and your service.

Vehicle and Bus Wraps with Grafics Unlimited

Grafics Unlimited specializes in quality car graphics, including vinyl cut lettering, decals and vehicle wraps. As a certified professional installer of 3M and other car graphic print suppliers, you can be confident that your car will be cared for and that your car graphics will be of the highest, most long lasting quality. The highly trained service professionals at Grafics Unlimited will be there to help you through the process of choosing the best car graphics for your needs, goals, and budget. Come check out our portfolio and contact us today!

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