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Types of Exterior Signage

The types of exterior signage that exist is almost as diverse as the advertising messages that decorate them. From billboards to window graphics, exterior signs play an important role in our advertising landscape. And they are shown to be really effective at getting the word out about your business or service. Let’s take a look at some the most popular types of outdoor signage and how they can impact your advertising campaign.

Flags and Banners

Festive, inexpensive and effective, flags and banners are a great way to get exposure for your logo or advertising message. Flags and banners for advertising are easily customizable and can be printed quickly in bulk. They are incredibly versatile and can be easily moved from one venue to another, making them great for trade shows and conventions.

Building Signs

Building signs is a broad category of signage that includes flags and banners. Flags and banners can be hung or mounted from building to draw the attention of passing traffic and pedestrians. But there are also other types of building signs. Most building signs are more permanent than flags and banners and are used as a storefronts main sign.

Flags and Banners are a cost effective way to advertise.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are the street view business signs that line the margins of nearly every commercial street in america. A monument sign is a landmark pointing drivers and pedestrians to the location of you business or store. If your store is set back in a shopping center away from street view, a monument can give you the exposure you need to attract passing customers.

Sandwich Signs

A sandwich sign is the little brother monument signs. They are used primarily by cafes and restaurants to advertise specials to passing foot traffic. But they can also be used in lieu of a monument sign. They offer a couple benefits over a monument sign too. They are much more mobile and can be set up at different locations with ease. And they are much cheaper than a monument sign.

Car Wraps

Car wraps are probably the most versatile and effective outdoor signage. A car wrap is essentially a mobile billboard. Every traffic jam and trip to the store becomes a marketing opportunity with a car wrap.

Exterior Signage with Grafics Unlimited in Reno

Grafics Unlimited is dedicated to serving the Reno and Sparks business community. We offer a wide range of options for all your exterior signage needs. From car wraps to banners and flags, we have got you covered. Our experienced and professional staff will help you all the way through, from design to printing to installation. Come check out our gallery and contact us today for more information.

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