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Powerful Promotion Tips for Northern Nevada Businesses

Vehicle Wrap for Northern Nevada Business - Travel Nevada

From the sprawling growth of Reno/Sparks to the historic charm of Carson City, running a business in Northern Nevada is unique in so many ways. Business owners have exciting opportunities to participate in the long list of local events. However, challenges with the overwhelming growth and an ever-evolving community impact business owners as well. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a local entrepreneur, finding effective ways to stand out among competitors is crucial. Here are some powerful and proven promotion tips tailored for your Northern Nevada business.

Vehicle Wraps

Make every drive a marketing opportunity

Vehicle wrap showcasing #NevadaGrit truck installation

From the North Valleys north of Reno to the south end of Carson City and everything in between; businesses serving these areas most likely drive lots of miles. Vehicle wraps are a dynamic and mobile way to promote your business. Not only do they turn heads, but they also extend your advertising reach beyond traditional geographic boundaries. With a well-designed wrap, your company vehicle can become a moving billboard, ensuring your brand is seen by thousands of potential customers in your area every day.

Tips for effective vehicle wraps:

  • Bold Colors and Graphics: Use eye-catching colors and graphics that reflect your brand.
  • Contact Information: Include your phone number, website, social media handles, or even a QR code that directs to a website or contact page.
  • Keep It Simple: Avoid clutter. A clear and concise message is more effective.
  • Use a Professional: To get the most bang for your buck, find a local car wrap designer and installer who will do the job right. For example, Graphics Unlimited is a Northern Nevada business with 40 years of vehicle ad wrap experience. 

Spot Graphics

Highlight your brand in high-traffic areas

Spot Graphic applied to Truckee Meadows Fire Protection Fleet

Spot graphics are smaller decals that can be applied to vehicle surfaces or windows without covering the entire surface. They provide similar benefits to businesses that travel around the Northern Nevada area but are more cost-effective and perfect for adding a touch of branding when a full vehicle wrap may be too much. Whether it’s for one vehicle or for an entire fleet, spot graphics can make a big impact with minimal investment.

Tips for effective spot graphics:

  • Strategic Placement: Position them where they will be most visible to foot traffic.
  • Quality Materials: Use durable materials to withstand weather and wear.
  • Consistent Branding: Ensure that the graphics align with your overall brand aesthetic.

Sandwich Boards

Engage pedestrians with flexible signage

Sandwich boards, also known as A-frames, are an excellent way to engage pedestrians on busy sidewalks, at tradeshows or at one of the many local events. They are versatile and can be easily updated with new promotions, events, or daily specials. Place them outside to attract passersby, especially in busy areas. 

Tips for effective sandwich boards:

  • Clear, Appealing Message: Keep the text large and readable from a distance, while making it visually appealing. 
  • Make it durable: Northern Nevada’s high winds can take an unweighted sandwich board out. Make sure it’s durable and filled with water or sand
  • Update Regularly: Change the message frequently to keep it fresh and relevant.

Window Graphics

Transform your storefront into an advertising canvas

Window graphics allow you to utilize your storefront as a powerful advertising tool. These can range from full-coverage window wraps to smaller decals. They are especially effective in drawing attention to your business from the street, making your location stand out among other shops in bustling areas.

Tips for effective window graphics:

  • Creative Design: Use creative and appealing designs to capture interest.
  • Promotional Content: Highlight sales, new products, or upcoming events.
  • High Quality: Invest in high-quality prints to ensure longevity and vibrancy.


Versatile and impactful promotion for events

Banners are a classic promotional tool that remains incredibly effective. Whether you’re announcing a grand opening, a special sale, or participating in a local event, banners can help you get the word out. On top of being cost-effective, banners are easily portable, making them useful when advertising for your business at any of Northern Nevada’s many community events such as the Best in the West Rib Cook-Off in Sparks or the Reno River Festival

Tips for effective banners:

  • Large Text: Use large, bold text that is easy to read from a distance.
  • Clear Call to Action: Include a clear call to action, such as “Visit Us Today” or “Shop Now.”
  • Weather-Resistant: Choose materials that can withstand the elements if the banner will be displayed outdoors.

Why local businesses should use local businesses

Choosing a local sign shop and graphic designer in Northern Nevada offers unique advantages that can greatly benefit your business. Local designers understand the regional market trends, cultural nuances, and the specific tastes of your target audience. They provide personalized service, ensuring your branding materials align perfectly with local preferences and standards. 

Engaging a nearby expert not only fosters a stronger business relationship but also supports the local economy. By opting for a Northern Nevada graphic designer and/or sign shop, you’re investing in both high-quality design expertise and the vitality of your community.

What to look for in a local designer and/or sign shop:

  • Experience: Reviewing the shop’s portfolio can give you insights into their expertise and the variety of projects they have handled. Checking out online reviews and even asking around can give you insight into a shop’s reputation.
  • Range of Services: Ensure the shop offers a comprehensive range of services such as design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. This can save you time and ensure consistency in quality.
  • Pricing & Quality: Consider not just the price, but what you are getting for your money. The cheapest option might not always be the best in terms of quality and service.


Promoting your business in Northern Nevada requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. By leveraging these powerful tools—vehicle wraps, spot graphics, sandwich boards, window graphics, and banners, as well as using a local graphic designer and/or sign shop—you can boost your visibility and attract more customers effectively. Each of these methods offers unique benefits that, when combined, can create a comprehensive and impactful promotional strategy.

Are you ready to take your Northern Nevada business to the next level? Start implementing these promotion tips today and watch your business grow!

Graphics Unlimited has Decades of Experience in Car Wrapping, Spot Graphics and More

If you’re looking for spot graphics, magnetic signs, or a certified, professional car wrap installer in the Northern Nevada area, look no further than Grafics Unlimited. Their 40+ years of car wrap installation experience has made them the go-to for car wrap installation (and much more) in the Reno/Sparks area. 

Grafics Unlimited has operated as a family-owned, full-service sign business since 1976 and has set the pace for design in the sign and vehicle wrap industry in Northern Nevada. They provide professional, friendly service, and quality products to each satisfied customer.

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Candidates will have a minimum of 2 years of vinyl installation experience. Must be able to complete full wraps with little supervision.

Major Job Duties:

  • Installation of color change wraps
  • Installation of digitally printed wraps
  • Installation of cut vinyl and spot graphics
  • Assembly and installation of various signage and substrates
  • Ability to remove old graphics
  • Ability to problem solve and come up with solutions


Job Requirements:

  • This position requires a minimum of one (2) year of directly related installation experience during which
    the knowledge, skills, and abilities applicable to the position were demonstrated.
  • Mechanically inclined- ability to remove door panels, handles, head, and tail lights etc.
  • Must have a driver’s license and a clean driving record
  • Ability to use and read basic measurements such as a tape measure


Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We offer competitive pay, health, vision, and dental benefits, 401k with employer match, and all major holidays are paid.

Sparks, Nevada. Remote work not available


To apply, please email your resume to: melissa@graficsunlimited.com