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Truck Wraps for Reno Advertising

Truck Wraps Reno

We create truck wraps for all sizes of Reno trucks!

Truck wraps are gaining popularity in Reno, as a truck wrap has a lot more marketing mileage than a billboard or print advertisement.

Using vehicle graphics in Reno is more effective than investing in a billboard, especially since our vehicle wraps last for three to six years before showing any signs of wear and tear. Vehicle wraps and truck wraps in the Reno area are a smart marketing choice because your investment goes all over town, as opposed to one intersection like a billboard.

The great benefit from truck wraps in your Reno advertising is the benefit of getting your brand out in front of people who may not have known about you otherwise. Truck wraps serve as a billboard on wheels and build up the positive reputation of your business.

Box Truck Wraps

If you have a box truck, we can wrap that too! For box trucks we use a vinyl wrap or decal that we create after getting a sense of what you want. The Grafics Unlimited team will talk to you about your goals and help you determine the right size, material and placement for your company. Based on your company’s needs and what type of look you are pursuing, we create a truck wrap here in Reno and apply it to your truck!

Truck Wraps and Trailer Wraps

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We make truck wraps that show off your Reno company!

Truck wraps for Reno trucks may also be accompanied with trailer wraps. If you use a trailer hitched to a vehicle for your company needs, Grafics Unlimited can wrap the trailer! Trailer wraps are helpful for business owners who want to keep the original detailing on their car. Whether it’s trailer wraps or truck wraps, Reno’s Grafics Unlimited has got you covered!

If you want more than just one truck wrap in Reno, we can provide truck wraps and vehicle lettering for your whole fleet of company vehicles. We can also wrap vehicles of all sizes to accompany your truck wraps. Grafics Unlimited can help you build up your brand with your vehicles!

Customizable Truck Wraps in Reno

Truck wraps, like our other vehicle wraps offered at Grafics Unlimited, are fully customizable. When planning to create a truck wrap for your Reno advertising plan, our Grafics Unlimited team will be available to discuss what look you’re going for every step of the way. Grafics Unlimited will make sure your priorities are addressed for your truck wrap.

Truck Wraps at Reno’s Grafics Unlimited

food truck wraps reno

Truck wraps for Reno food trucks are fun to create.

At Grafics Unlimited in Reno, you have access to professionals who can design and manufacture eye-catching truck wraps for your business. We have created and applied truck wraps on Reno food trucks and semi trucks! As a certified installer, Grafics Unlimited provides professional and friendly service through our qualified licensed contractors.

Grafics Unlimited has been family owned since 1976, and we made Reno our home over two decades ago. Grafics Unlimited provides quality development and service of Exterior Signs, Interior Signs, Magnetic Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Stickers, Clear Bras, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about how truck wraps can make a splash for your Reno company!

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