What are the Benefits of Transit Advertising?

With the advancement of technologies and widespread internet exposure, marketers have found various ways to reach their target market. Advertising options have become limitless.

One form of advertising that has been often overlooked is transit advertising. This displays marketing advertisements and messages using different modes of public transport. Marketers have found this concept to be an easy way to reach an audience who are always on the go. If you have seen graphics or print ads on buses, taxis, trolleys, subway cars, bus and subway stations, then you have been exposed to transit advertising in action. Some more technologically-advanced companies prefer to use plasma or LCD screens strategically placed inside trains or buses to offer consumers a more digital experience.

Like any other form of advertising, transit advertising aims to catch the attention of potential customers and help them be aware of your brand or a new product your business is offering.

Benefits of Transit Advertising

Comprehensive coverage

Hundreds of people take public transport every day and it is the most popular mode of transport all over the world. Approximately, around 9 million people ride public transportation on a weekly basis. Imagine being able to reach that number of potential customers.


Transit advertisements are always big and bold. Most adverts placed in public transports are oversized – think about the size of the roof of the bus or a huge subway station. This kind of advertising will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Long exposure

Through transit advertising, marketers or businesses can control the exposure of their ads. It cannot be deleted, turned off, or thrown in the trash. Most often, when a person watching TV does not like the commercial, they flip through other channels or turn the TV off. People throw yesterday’s newspapers or last month’s magazine very often. These are things that will never happen in transit advertising.

An average commuter spends about 30 minutes (including waiting time) in the subway or train stations on a daily basis. The outdoor business signs a business places on public transport has longer exposure with products getting registered in the consumer’s minds with higher recall value.

Frequency at a lower cost

Most daily commuters travel a fixed route at a scheduled time. Surely, they see your adverts multiple times a day. Hence, if they take the same train line twice a day, they see your ads for at least 20-40 times per month.

Your ad will easily create a permanent impression on your consumers’ minds without having to pay additional costs for the frequency of repetition.

Geographic reach

To reach a wider local audience, transit advertising is one of the best mediums to use. By placing print ads on buses, or in any select transit location, businesses are actively reaching out to potential consumers of targeted demographics.

For example:

A local supermarket can place an ad about a special discount. Moreover, place a promotion on a bus that goes to that location. Getting exposure through that advertisement, customers remember your shop and promotion. More importantly, visit your supermarket.


Consumers do not need to tune in at a particular time. Or, read a specific publication to receive the message your business wants to send them. They are able to see the ads at the best possible times of the day. Reaching out to people when they are most ready to respond is timely and easier with transit advertising.

Affordable costs

Since it is able to reach a wider audience, the advertising cost per consumer is very low. This makes transit advertising the most cost-effective form of advertising. Compared to billboards, TV or radio ads, transit advertising generally brings a higher return on investment for a low cost.

In conclusion, transit advertising has many benefits and is slowly becoming one of the most preferred ways of advertising. If you are interested in exploring the concept of transit advertising in your next marketing campaign, give Grafics Unlimited a call. We are more than happy to help your dream design become reality and make your campaign a huge success.

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