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Tips for Choosing the Right Truck Wrap Design

Are you wondering why so many business owners use truck wraps to advertise their companies?

It’s because these wraps provide a budget-friendly way to let potential customers know about businesses

Think of a wrap as a rolling billboard that tells potential customers about your business or service each day. 

The fact is that almost a third of people who see a wrap on a vehicle make a purchase from the advertised business. That makes wraps especially effective.

Use the following tips for customizing your truck wrap to promote your business and help make your marketing message more visually appealing.

Choose Design Elements That Match Your Branding

The available space to deliver your message is limited by the size of your vehicle when you’re advertising with truck wraps. That makes it important that your message is succinct and on-brand.

Summarize what you want potential customers to know about your business in a few lines, including your company name, what you do, and how to contact you.

If you have a company logo and established branding colors, build on those details to reinforce your existing branding efforts. If you don’t have those details in place, a vehicle wrap is an excellent place to begin your branding efforts.

Choose colors that represent your company, pick a font to use in all of your marketing efforts, and add other design elements that help potential customers identify your business. Make these details memorable, so customers still recognize your message when your company vehicle isn’t in front of them.

Take Some Measurements

It’s important to be aware of how much space you have for your message when creating a wrap design.

This is a step where it may help you to enlist the help of one of the pros from Grafics Unlimited; however, if you just want a quick idea of how your wrap may look, take some general measurements of the sides, roof, hood, and rear to get started creating your wrap design.

Draw out the general shape of your vehicle and sketch your message on it, or use photo editing software to add your message to photos of the truck you want to wrap for a realistic visual depiction.

Check Out the Competition

If your competitors have vehicle wraps for promoting their companies, take a look at what makes them effective. You don’t want to copy a competitor’s marketing, but elements like quirky humor and trendy messages may be things that are especially effective as marketing messages in your field.

In addition to avoiding the direct use of a competitor’s message, it’s important to create a wrap design using colors, fonts and an overall theme that’s unique to your company. That way customers think of your offerings when they’re ready to spend money and not your competition.

Keep the Message On-Point

Messages used on truck wraps should ideally be succinct and memorable. Customers have a limited amount of time to read your message when driving past. One or two details, such as your company name or what you do and a memorable phone number or website address might be all someone has time to read.

If space allows, it may make sense to add more details about your business off to the side of your main message or on the rear of the vehicle as a way to provide more details to customers who see your parked vehicle.

Make it Stand Out

Make the most of advertising space on your vehicle wrap by choosing bright, bold colors. The color and graphics choices you make are likely to be the first things that grab the attention of people who pass by your vehicle.

It’s also helpful to pick a bold font that stands out against the background colors. Make it easy for customers to read your marketing message to increase the likelihood of them contacting you and making a purchase.

If you want to add images, make them memorable by choosing something fun or unique to your business.

Contact Grafics Unlimited to discuss your truck wrap needs with one of our professional team members. We’re here to help you get the look and message of your wrap just right so it becomes an effective marketing tool to reach your ideal customers.


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