custom flags and banners

Businesses require a solid sales and marketing plan to help promote and market the company.

While there are many ways to market a business, including printed material and giveaways, few marketing tactics have as many benefits as using custom flags and banners.

Let’s take a look at the various benefits associated with custom flags and banners, and understand how you can implement this marketing tool in your business today.

One-Time Cost

Probably the biggest benefit to custom flags and banners is that they require only a one-time cost to produce and purchase.

Compared to other marketing materials, banners and flags can be used repeatedly for events and can effectively last forever.

Consider the difference when compared to digital marketing for a business. While digital branding and marketing certainly is a way to promote a new store or company, it is a repeated and ongoing cost. With the never-ending need for fresh content online, contracts and promotions are costly to maintain in the digital world.

A flag or banner for your company is a one-time investment that can be used over and over again for the life of your business.


Flags and banners come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be long and thin, able to stretch across a building for a store opening, or they can be tall and knife shaped, perfect for trade shows and events. Flags and banners can be custom created to fit the size and space you want.

Further, once the hardware to assemble the flag is purchased, it can be reused for other printed flags. Simply slide off the old marketing material and put a new flag in its place.

Plus, many flags and banners are lightweight and easily portable. This means custom flags and banners can easily be packed, shipped, and used at trade shows and events around the world.

With their simple design and portability, anyone will be able to set up a flag or banner at your next event.

Large Visual

The entire purpose of a flag or banner is that it creates a large and open space for advertisement. Flags and banners are big visuals, which can be seen from a distance.

Depending on your requirements, flags can be made as tall as 17 feet in height, but still thin enough to conveniently fit in a small booth or exhibit hall for trade shows. Proudly display your business name for all to see. Even at 17 feet, the banner may still be lightweight and easily portable.

Weather Resistant

One of the most appealing factors with a custom flag or banner is that they can be made using weather-resistant material. In such cases, the material and printing will stand up to inclement weather including snow and rain. So take your advertisements anywhere and use them in almost any weather conditions.

Compared to printed marketing material or single-use signs, a custom flag or banner is an excellent choice for outdoor advertising.

Cost Effective

Although a custom flag or banner may seem like it would be a costly investment, this type of marketing material is really quite cost effective.

Printed collateral and marketing material can cost a small fortune, especially when printed in large quantities on high quality paper by a professional printer. Typically, the cost to create a custom flag or banner is around $150. This includes design and custom flag creation, plus all the hardware necessary to assemble and display the flag.

Proudly fly your flag advertising your business for a minimal expense when compared to other marketing materials.

Continual Advertising

Unlike other forms of advertising, a custom flag or banner is continually visible.

If your company is relying on printed materials, advertising is only effective while a person is distributing material in person. Similarly, digital advertising is often only targeted on specific websites, or pages, at certain times or when a user’s search criteria matches predetermined keywords.

Compare these marketing tactics to a physical flag or banner that can be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a minimal investment up front, your company is able to advertise and promote at all hours of the day.

To kickstart your business and to promote your products, turn to a company you can trust. The team at Grafics Unlimited is experienced, professional, and dedicated to helping you create custom flags and banners for your business.

Whether you are promoting your company at a trade show, or advertising in your own backyard, the professionals at Grafics Unlimited are able to create customized banners. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help market your business.


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