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In the competitive business landscape, a well-planned and properly executed marketing plan could be the difference between success and failure. Businesses are using innovative channels to get the attention of customers.

The marketing strategy for most businesses involves different channels including social media, advertisements, websites, references, and more.

One of the most important marketing tools for any business is its exterior business signs. Here are some of the reasons why exterior business signs are so important:

First Impressions

Typically, the exterior business sign is one of the first “interactions” the customer has with a business. The sign is a representative of the business and its offering.

The design, look and feel of the sign tells a lot about the business. In the modern world, customers are wired to marketing messages. First impressions are important as most customers are quick to make up their minds on what they feel about the business.

A well-designed sign effectively communicates the brand image, professionalism and overall presence of the business. The first impressions of a business can be the deciding factor for customer acquisition.

Guide to the Location

For customers looking to find the location of the business, the exterior sign helps guide these customers. This also makes sure that customers that pass by the business, are aware of where to find the business. 

This does not mean the signboard has to be large or flashy to attract more customers. The type and size of the sign will depend on the business. Certain businesses may find large or flashy sign boards too loud for their type of customers.

In any case, the sign should have good visibility and be a good fit for the brand.

Competitive Advantage

Most businesses are looking for any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. A business sign offers an affordable and effective method to achieve this.

The sign can help differentiate your business from the competition.

Businesses that have made an effort to have a well-designed business sign will gain an edge over their competitors who have not given exterior signs the same level of importance.

A unique and creative exterior sign can attract customers from a distance, providing businesses with a competitive advantage.


Exterior signage is a low-cost communication tool.

The U.S Small Business Administration estimates that between 20 to 45 percent of business sales come from impulse purchases.

To attract customers, exterior business signs can be used to communicate ongoing sales or promotions. They can also be used to communicate the arrival of new products, hours of operation, or a new location. For certain businesses, outdoor signage can be used to communicate the pricing of their products or services.

Brand Awareness

One of the main objectives of most marketing plans is to get maximum exposure for the brand. Exterior signs can help increase brand awareness. Brand awareness increases the chances of positive business outcomes such as an increase in sales or customer traffic.

Businesses must strive to effectively communicate their value proposition to the customers and keep customers familiar with the business offering. One of the keys to the success of a business is establishing a long-term relationship with the client. If customers are familiar with the business, they are more likely to patronize that business.

Cost-Effective Marketing

When compared to other types of marketing, such as billboard advertising or TV commercials, marketing though business signs provide great value for the money spent.

For any passing customer, the exterior business sign acts as a low-cost marketing tool for the business. Once the sign is set up, the maintenance cost is low relative to other marketing platforms.

Another cost-benefit is that these exterior signs can work all year round to promote the business. Other marketing campaigns are more limited in duration, usually because of cost.

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