bus wraps in marketing

With technological advancements, the way businesses advertise their products and services has changed many times over the years. Every company wants to make sure they are ahead of their competition. So finding novel and effective marketing strategies is crucial. 

An increasing number of consumers are avoiding printed media and opting to stream instead. So some traditional methods of marketing a product have become increasingly ineffective. 

Social media marketing is gaining a lot of attention because of its popularity with consumers. Digital signage is another technique companies use to reach their target audience. Vehicle wraps are an attention-getting way to increase brand awareness.

Bus wraps are a form of mobile advertising where decals or vinyl graphics are applied to a portion or the whole surface of a bus. A bus wrap acts as a mobile billboard that conveys and displays your company’s logo, message, website, contact information, and brand. They can be easily removed and various options let you choose the style and size, depending on what looks good or is most effective at conveying your message.

Here are five advantages of bus wrap advertising for your business:

1. Gain Exposure in the Local Market
Having your brand attached to a bus that continuously travels around the community is a great advantage. Bus wraps will help you with local marketing. For your business to thrive, you might want to reach the local market first. Local consumers are the ones most likely to support your business.

2. An Effective Passive Advertising Tool
Bus wraps are one form of passive advertising where it doesn’t disrupt a person’s daily activity, unlike with radio or TV ads. Passive advertising is a less-in-your-face marketing method where you can market your brand by displaying in different strategic places. Passive advertising is an efficient tool to reach your target audience without disturbing or overwhelming them. When you advertise passively, you leave the decision making to the consumer. Even when the bus is parked, it still continues to attract attention.

3. Reach a Wider Audience
Buses travel daily along different high-traffic routes. Depending on how many buses you utilize for this advertising, how far they travel, and how often their trips are, you can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands consumers per month. With bus wrap advertising, you can reach a much wider audience than almost any other type of advertising. 

4. Cost-effective Method of Promotion
Some traditional forms of advertising have a sort of one-and-done experience. With materials such as sign-up sheets, packets, or brochures, for example, after someone reads it, that paper has served its purpose and may be thrown away, never to be seen by another set of eyes. What’s good about bus wraps is that they can go the extra mile (pun intended), allowing you to market your brand without the need to continuously print new materials. Bus wraps could last for years. They can also be easily removed and replaced when you need to update your marketing campaign. As a long-term form of brand advertising, bus wraps are the more economical and efficient way to increase brand visibility and expand market reach.

5. Attention Grabbing
Attractive and brightly-colored bus wraps easily catch attention. When a bus is covered with a beautifully-designed company ad, people are more drawn to it. No one would pay much attention to a plain bus that passes in front of them. Pedestrians about to cross the street or walking on the sidewalk will immediately notice a bus with a wrap advertising, mainly because it stands out. The more a wrapped bus spends time on the road, the more exposure a company gets.

Bus wraps are a great investment that offer many benefits and can yield great results. Build your brand more effectively and reach a wider market by using bus wrap advertising. Contact us today at Grafics Unlimited to learn more.


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