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What You Need To Know About Vinyl Stickers

Budget has always been a critical factor when evaluating reprographic options. Especially if you’re a small business. There may be a million and one ways to market yourself, but you still need a channel that’s cost-effective and brings results with the shortest turnaround time possible. For many businesses, vinyl stickers is one of the more convenient options. They’re affordable, highly visible,they’re durable enough to last through even the harshest Reno winter.(Or at least they should be.) The fact is, there’s actually a lot to take into consideration when choosing vinyl stickers. In addition to budget considerations,you also need to think about production, visual appeal, and quality.

If you’re considering vinyl stickers as part of your marketing campaign, here’s what you should know first.

Vinyl Stickers Vs. Vinyl Decals : What’s The Difference?

For most people, the term “vinyl sticker” is virtually interchangeable with  “vinyl decal”. After all, both can be used as much for decorative purposes as they can for advertising.

Except technically, not always. The chief difference between the two is  they way they’re produced. A decal is typically reproduced in no more than one or two colors and can be customized to fit around even intensive graphics by layering directly onto a roll of vinyl.  This is a time-consuming process requiring multiple steps with adhesives being applied directly onto the finished design.

A vinyl sticker, on the other hand, is produced by using a wide format printer to print onto a roll of vinyl that has already been pre-applied with an adhesive. Vinyl stickers are then cut from that roll, which means they are  limited in shape. The upside is that since the design is produced from a single-step printer, your choice in colors will be significantly greater than you’ll typically find in decals.


Another common misconception about vinyl stickers is that they’re automatically waterproof. While many commercially produced stickers will eventually be waterproof, without a finishing treatment you’ll find that vinyl stickers are only slightly more resistant to weather than paper stickers.

Most professional reprographic companies will use a laminated coating once a design is finished and cut for added durability. Lamination adheres particularly well to high density UV cured inks, resulting in a finished product that can last upwards of an additional five years with no noticeable signs of wear or fading. It may seem to entail extra cost at first, but ultimately it will be nowhere near the amount you can expect to pay to replace a non-laminated vinyl sticker every year.

Is My Design Right For A Vinyl Sticker?

While it may seem that design is a just question of personal aesthetic preference, there are a few other things to keep in mind when selecting a design for a vinyl sticker.

  • Shape: Vinyl stickers are typically limited in shape, with squares, rectangles and ovals being the most common. Subsequently, your design should complement the shape. And while you may be tempted to use complex geometric patterns in your order as a way of standing out, viewers tend to be  confused and overwhelmed by non-traditional shapes.
  • Color: One of the benefits of vinyl stickers are that they’re printed in multiple colors, giving your end-design a real sense of depth and dimension which stands out. But too many colors (and perhaps more importantly, non complementary colors) can also be visually confusing to many customers. Again, let simplicity be your guide.
  • Text vs. Image: This will depend on  what you’re trying to convey with your design. If you have a slogan or message that can only be put into words, choose only what’s necessary. Customers won’t have the time to read a mission statement on a bumper sticker! On the other hand, if you simply want to promote your business in an eye-catching way, you might find that a well designed logo with virtually no words is a better route  than a text-heavy design.

Why Use Vinyl Stickers?

  • They’re an attractive and budget friendly promotional alternative 
  • They can be durable enough to last even the most rugged weather conditions
  • They have a much higher potential for widespread visibility than many other promotional materials
  • They’re easy to apply, with no special tools or assembly required
  • They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • They’re a a great eye-catching method of promotion 
  • They’re just plain fun.

The question isn’t “Why use Vinyl Stickers?” The question is… why not?

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