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State Farm Wrap by Grafics Unlimited

There are many ways to advertise your business and the services or products you provide. However, not all advertising methods are created equal. Some advertising methods can really eat into your advertising budget. And you’re left wondering whether the method was worth the investment of money and time. One of the best and most cost effective ways to market your business and get the message out about you and your services is vehicle advertising.

What is Vehicle Advertising?

Have you ever seen a pizza delivery driver with the pizza joint’s logo atop the car? You may have been driving home thinking about what to have for dinner and, upon seeing the delivery driver, decide that a pizza sounds like a delicious and easy meal. That is vehicle advertising. And it is extremely effective.

Vehicle advertising is an effective way of getting your message out.

How Effective is Vehicle Advertising?

In advertising and marketing circles, an advertisement is said to produce what is called an “impression.” An impression is what happens when your logo or company name and the services it offers are seen by a potential consumer. The cost and return on investment for a certain advertising method is measured by the number of impressions that it can create per dollar that you spend on the advertisement. When compared to other advertising techniques, vehicle advertising in the form of decals, car wraps and magnets produces one of the lowest costs per impressions options out there.

According to an article from signindustry.com, studies have found that for every $20,000 spent on vehicle advertising, a whopping 8.4 million (million!) impressions are created. The next closest method is radio advertising at 900,000 impressions.

An advantage of vehicle advertising, especially if you get a professionally created and installed design, is that many people actually go out of their way to look at the advertisement. A car on the road that is ornately decorated with an advertisement or which has something other than just the standard car look immediately piques curiosity.

Another advantage is that vehicle advertisements are mobile. With a vehicle advertisement, you won’t have to sit around and hope that your ad is getting attention. You can take it to places where it will get attention. Even the inconvenience of a traffic jam becomes a marketing opportunity. With vehicle advertising, everyday driving will become a marketing campaign for your business!

Types of Vehicle Advertisements

There are many ways to add an advertisement to your car or business fleet. Car wraps are an effective way of vehicle advertising. With a custom car wrap, your whole car can become an appealing and informative mobile advertising platform.

Cut Vinyl lettering is also an excellent and cost effective way to implement vehicle advertising in the Reno area. And if you are looking for an extremely cost effective vehicle advertisement, custom magnets are easy and highly affordable.

Vehicle advertising with Grafics Unlimited

Grafics Unlimited in Sparks is the premier choice for all of your vehicle advertising needs. Whether you need a custom car wrap, cut vinyl lettering or custom design car magnets, the professional team of certified installers at Grafics Unlimited will ensure that you get the most out of your advertising dollar. Family owned and operated, Grafics Unlimited has been the premier graphic design company in Reno since 1976. We look forward to helping you with all your advertising and signage needs! Contact us today!

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