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Car Graphics are an affordable and effective advertising method.

Car graphics are used by businesses to advertise their services on their vehicles in creative and eye catching ways and by car enthusiast to add style and appeal to a classic or modern sports cars, trucks and other vehicles. There are many different types of car graphics, from decals and lettering to wraps and custom paint jobs. The type of car graphic you use for your business or personal car is dependent on what you want to do with the graphic, the goal, your budget and the amount of detail you want or need.

Car Graphics: Decals

Decals are car graphics used for both advertising and personal creative purposes. Decals can be just a few letters and numbers which display a company name and contact info, or they can incorporate a logo and color design. They are usually made of cut vinyl. The cut vinyl is best applied by a certified installer. The durability of the material ensures that any decals that you add to your car will last from 4 to 7 years. Cut vinyl lettering decals offer an affordable and long lasting way to advertise your business.

Car Graphics: Custom Paint

Custom paint jobs incorporating great detail and aesthetic appeal are rarely used in car advertising or on the everyday driver. Custom paint jobs are found most often on show cars. While custom paint jobs can look great, they are easily damaged and are very costly. One of the reasons why serious car enthusiasts tow their cars around in trailers and rarely ever drive and enjoy their cars is because they don’t want to expose the custom paint job to the elements and potentially endure costly damage. If you are considering car graphics for a frequently driven car or business fleet, the cost and vulnerability of custom paint makes it the least effective choice.

Car Graphics: Vehicle Wraps

Car graphics are great for business or personal cars!

Car graphics are great for business or personal cars!

Vehicle wraps are an exceptionally versatile and cost effective way to add advertising or personal graphics to your car. Much cheaper and more durable than custom paint, a vehicle wrap is basically a large vinyl decal that is applied over the car’s existing paint. Vehicle wrap designs are customizable and can include your company logo, color scheme and contact info all in one. They can be designed to be highly visible and eye catching, allowing your message or style to make a large impact. As advertising platforms, vehicle wraps are one of the most effective ways of bringing attention to your business. Another benefit of vehicle wraps is that they provide a protective layer over the car’s paint, which preserves the resale value of the car.

Car Graphics with Grafics Unlimited

Grafics Unlimited specializes in quality car graphics, including vinyl cut lettering, decals and car wraps. As a certified professional installer of 3M and other car graphic print suppliers, you can be confident that your car will be cared for and that your car graphics will be of the highest, most long lasting quality. The highly trained service professionals at Grafics Unlimited will be there to help you through the process of choosing the best car graphics for your needs, goals, and budget. Come check out our portfolio and contact us today!

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