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People drive past your business every day, some without even realizing it. You’ve put in hours of hard work to keep that building up and running. Why not spend just a little more time getting the word out? Monument signs are one way to do just that.

Like any sign, monument signs are a great way to make sure your business gets noticed. They are permanent outdoor installations that are usually mounted on the ground. Monument signs typically have foundations made of several different materials, including stone, wood, metal, or concrete. They can also be adjusted to a wide range of specifications. 

Monument signs can benefit your business in several different ways, but there are also certain factors you need to consider before designing them. This blog will discuss the four things that you need to consider when it comes to designing your own monumental sign.

Color contrast

An eye-catching sign is hard to miss. You can make your business’s sign more visible and more legible by incorporating contrasting colors into your design. This is especially important for people who may be color blind or for those who see your sign from a distance. 

Because a well-thought-out combination of contrasting colors can effectively catch people’s attention, be sure to choose colors that are aesthetically pleasing and readable. Be sure to choose your hues carefully so that you create a nice blend between your background and text. This is what will make your monument effective and easy to read. 


One thing many people don’t consider before installing their signs is how it will appear from afar. A sign should be simple, clear, and straight to the point. You want your sign to communicate a message that is easily accessible, and one that draws people in rather than repelling them with confusing text or graphics.

Text that is too difficult to read can turn potential customers away before they even have time to understand the products and services you offer. Avoid creating confusion caused by long sentences in one line, or too many words sprawled out all over the place. Maximize visibility by using large text with fonts that are easy to read. Use as little text as possible needed to convey your message.

Remember that your goal is for your sign to instantly catch the eyes of passers-by, especially as they may have barely enough time to read your sign. Make your monument sign worth their while by keeping your sign simple. 

Durable materials

The materials you use to construct your sign are also important. You want them to be high quality and durable because in addition to making your sign visually appealing, you also want it to last a long time.

Since monument signs are outdoor signs, they may be subjected to all sorts of environmental factors. You want your sign to last, but what kind of materials should you use? You’ll need to choose a material for your sign that’s both weather-resistant and strong enough to last through time.

Some of the materials from which you can choose include armored foam, brick, stucco, concrete block, metal, stone, wood, and more! You may also want to consider matching your chosen materials with your company’s specific branding and personality.


You might think that monument signs are a simple and straightforward way to make your business visible and memorable. But there is more than one factor to consider when it comes to making sure your sign is effective at doing just that. The placement of your sign can make the difference between an ineffective sign or, even worse, a distraction from other signs you’ve put up.

The placement of your monument sign should be carefully considered. In addition to factoring in looks best to you, you also need to give thought to where your sign will be seen by as many people as possible in order for your message to have maximum effect. Be sure to check your sign’s visibility from at least a hundred feet away. You can do this with a mock sign before installing the sign in its final location. 

Additionally, take the angle of your sign into consideration. For example, the sun’s position may affect the visibility of your sign at certain times of the day. Be sure not to discount the importance of the angle. 

Monument signs are extremely helpful marketing tools for businesses and retail stores, as long as they are carefully designed and thoughtfully executed. Be sure to take these factors into consideration when choosing a monument sign for your business. 

Grafics Unlimited can create custom exterior signs for all of your business needs. If you’re looking for a monument sign or any other type of exterior sign for your business, please feel free to give us a call. 



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