This month of August is the best time to focus on managing stress and promoting self-care and healthy routines. You know why? Because it is National Wellness Month! Studies have shown how self-care helps reduce stress and promote happiness. And putting efforts into making a change in your lifestyle can significantly affect your health in positive ways. If you want to take the first step to living a healthier life, read the tips below. Drink a glass of water in the morning One of the very first things you should do when you wake up in the morning is to drink a glass of room temperature water. This will help cleanse your system and flush out toxins before you even eat any food. Also try adding a twist to your regular water by putting a slice of lemon or lime for a citrusy taste. Get enough sleep The importance of […]

Using window graphics provides a practical way to promote your business’ branding. It’s a great way to showcase your company’s products and attract potential customers. Window graphics entice passersby to come inside for more. The window graphics of your business create the first impression for your customers. So it’s important to know how to design one that will convey your desired message. Without window graphics, your shop front can be bland, boring and can go unnoticed. If you want your business to stand out, you need to grab the customers’ attention. Convey what your business can offer – quickly and effectively. This is where a great window graphic comes into play. Considering putting up window graphics for your business? Here’s a list of eight reasons why your business needs window graphics: 1. They increase brand awareness To grow a business, you have to build your branding. Brand awareness is important […]

Using the right marketing strategies is one of the key steps to attracting more clients. Whether big or small, vinyl graphics is a useful tool for marketing your business. Custom vinyl graphics are  surprisingly affordable. They are also effective when it comes to establishing your brand and gaining exposure in the market. Read on to find out why you need custom vinyl graphics for your business. Vinyl window graphics Make good use of your storefront doors and windows to advertise your business. Add window vinyl graphics to promote an event or an ongoing sale. Vinyl window graphics are easy to apply. They can also be re-used seasonally that’s why they work perfectly for windows. If you’re in a high-traffic area, a creative window design is an excellent way to grab the attention of window shoppers. Vinyl window graphics are also good after hours because they continue to draw attention. Because […]

Everybody celebrates Independence Day in July. But, what many people don’t know is that we also celebrate National Picnic Month in July, too! Going for a picnic is an excellent time to embrace nature and breathe in fresh air. It is also a great opportunity to bond with friends, family and loved ones. While a picnic is understood as a simple excursion with meals eaten outdoors, there are some interesting facts about the origin of picnic that not many of us are aware of.  The word picnic was taken from the French word “pique nique” which refers to an outdoor meal. The first picnics took place in the Middle Ages when the members of the upper class society would “dine out” or eat their meals outdoors during a hunt. The first recorded use of “picnic”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, was in a letter written by Lord Chesterfield to […]

June is National Great Outdoors Month! Don’t miss out on the opportunities this has to offer you and your business.  With a little bit of strategic planning, your business can on its way to generate additional revenue while enjoying the Great American Outdoors. Here are some tips for you to go by this month-long celebration of the great outdoors:       Promote your business There’s nothing wrong promoting your local small business while enjoying the natural environment.  In fact, running a business and promoting environmental protection can work hand in hand. If you run a local restaurant, put out some displays about the scenic beauties surrounding your business.  Do you have a door-to-door delivery business? Print some extra fliers promoting the nearby outdoor activity in your state (don’t forget to include your business logo). Do you see tourists flocking your state?  Make sure you have items such as pens with your logo […]

Indoor signs are an effective way to attract the attention of your consumers. Whether you choose LED signs or plastic signs, having an indoor office sign can benefit your business in more ways than one. These signs tell a story about your company. They send subtle messages which help improve customer relations and satisfaction. Still wondering why you need to invest in an indoor office sign? Here are some of the reasons why you should. It increases customer appeal An information sign is pretty simple and straightforward because it is easy to read. However, they only convey information. Indoor signs, on the other hand, use a much better strategy. When you use indoor signs for your business, you have the power to create the kind of environment which instantly puts your customer at ease. Plus it has a lot to do with setting the mood. When using indoor signs, it […]

National Bike Month happens every May in the US. Originally established in 1956, it is celebrated in many communities across the country. Why a national month? Many reasons, but arguably the best reason why National Bike Month was created to last a full month is that it encourages people to get out there and ride. Reasons to ride Helps the environment One of the most obvious and beneficial reasons why biking is such a good choice is that it has minimal impact on the environment. As more and more communities create biking paths and lanes, it makes biking a more viable form of transportation. And when more people choose to ride their bike over driving their car, the environment benefits even more. Helps your health While it’s not hard to hop on a stationary bike at the gym, it’s more practical to ride your bike outside. Why? It works your […]

Sandwich boards or A-boards are one of the oldest yet most effective marketing tools. They are used by businesses whose building signs are not visible. They are also used for advertising specials or a promotion. Even in the social media era, the importance of sandwich boards in marketing cannot be overlooked. They are very useful tools for both small and big businesses alike. If you are yet to open your business, using sandwich boards is also a surefire way to raise awareness. Here are some of the good reasons why you should consider sandwich boards in promoting your business. They are cost effective If you have budget constraints for advertising, sandwich boards can provide you the best cost-effective solution. Sandwich boards may require a higher initial cost compared to printing out several copies of a poster. But they can last for many years and can even be reused if needed. […]

Unless you live under a rock, your life has been impacted by the efforts of a volunteer. There’s just no way around it. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes …from the local church youth group raising money for the homeless, to the first responders in rural communities everywhere, people are giving their time and their talents to help others. This month, the nation takes time to honor the efforts of the amazing men, women and children, who make the world a better place through volunteering. While a great way to celebrate National Volunteer Month is to thank every volunteer you meet, a more fulfilling way to observe this holiday is to start volunteering yourself! Here are some of the reasons why people choose to volunteer…perhaps they’ll encourage you to volunteer too! It reduces stress Surprised? You shouldn’t be. When you’re focused on meeting the needs of others, any normal […]

Newspaper ads, TV ads and postcard mailings are some of the most common means of promotion. Used by a lot of small businesses, these marketing methods are proven to be effective. But they are not the most cost effective solutions for a business that’s just starting out. For one, it is difficult to stand out when your ads are in a local newspaper. Not to mention that they don’t really draw very much attention considering its size. Advertising on the TV, on the other hand, can be very costly for a start up business. So how do you build brand recognition and gain visibility while trying to work on a budget? Use effective business signs. Using outdoor business signs is a cost efficient way of introducing your business to the public. You can put your company name, company logo and contact information on things like car door magnets, window decals […]