Curling up with a good book after work is a great way to relax and escape the stresses of the day. To celebrate National Book Month, you can explore all the benefits found between the pages at home. These same benefits can also boost professional skills and relationships in the office. Implementing a reading program and encouraging people to read may take time and effort. As a business team leader, encouraging the group to read more can have surprising effects. Reading can benefit the entire department or company. What Does Reading Do For You? Although reading non-fiction books can help you learn about specific topics, reading any book provides benefits in general. Even the latest fiction beach read can give you a boost. Encourage your team to read if you want them to improve in the following areas: Improved intelligence and knowledge base Larger vocabulary and understanding Automatic development of […]

Many people believe that learning stops once a person graduates from high school or college. Every October, people are encouraged to celebrate adult learners during National Learning & Development Month (NLD Month.) If you’re an employer, this information should hold special significance with you. According to Forbes, employee dissatisfaction due to a lack of training and development is a key reason why good employees quit. If you suspect that some of your employees have left for the same reason, take heart. Here are ways to foster a learning culture at your workplace. Some Background Information According to the eLearning Industry website, adult learners have specific traits that make them different from child learners. On the whole, adult learners want to learn something practical. In the workplace, this means they need to learn something that impacts their daily work or help them advance. Employees should learn what the benefit will be […]

Is your company in need of a new business sign design? If so, we have the best design tips for creating signs that attract customers. Whether you are beginning a business or you run a decades old company, these design tips will take a mediocre design idea and make it spectacular. If you follow these sources of inspiration, everybody who walks by your storefront will stop in admiration. All you need to do is step outside your office and explore the streets of Nevada. Search Online When looking for storefront signage ideas, jump-start your creative juices by jumping on your computer. A quick “images” search for signs within your company’s sector will help you find thousands of ideas. Yet, it is important to refrain from copying somebody else’s idea. Nobody likes an unoriginal sign. Use the quick image search to discover which aspects of business signage you like. Also look […]

It starts with a little annoyance. Then the blinking, headaches, and dry eyes creep in. We’ve heard it before – take a screen break, rest your eyes. But did you know that ignoring these suggestions could be affecting your team’s productivity at work? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that nearly 80 percent of us report at least one visual disturbance at work each day and over half of us actually have to rest our eyes due to the discomfort or pain. August is National Eye Exam Month and a good time for a reminder that eye strain at work lowers productivity. Poor eyesight and other vision problems can cost you. Here’s how vision problems may affect your work performance and team productivity: Computer Vision Syndrome Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) happens from staring at a screen too long without taking a break. You can treat it by using […]

Letter size is usually not the first thing that we consider when it comes to creating signs. Letter height visibility is usually overlooked in the planning stages; but proper letter height and viewing distance for your sign is important. And, bigger isn’t always better in this case. Font size for your business signage does determine from how far away your sign can be seen, though. But how do you go about choosing the best letter size for your needs, to make easy to read business signage? Let’s discuss the following aspects of making the best advertising signs for your business: Font Size Coloring Lighting Sign Placement Font Type Font Size Proper font size is one of the most obvious parts of sign creation, and it’s easy to determine. All you need to have is a general idea about the distance you want your sign viewed at. Generally, a good letter […]

Why is July anti-boredom month? It’s a natural time of year for the doldrums. The holidays are far away and there are no urgent rush seasons going on. Summer days drag by, as workers leave for or return from vacation time. For an office job, it’s the worst season, because it is bright and sunny, a perfect day for recreation, and you’re wasting it in an office cubicle. In addition, the kids are out of school, which makes parents feel like they’re missing out on spending time with their kids. The Benefits Of Fighting Boredom Companies should care about employee apathy because the quality of work sometimes suffers. More mistakes happen that need to be corrected and more productivity gets lost due to lagging performance. Surprisingly enough, investing in just a little frivolous diversion can help your workers buckle down to work later. Some studies have also shown that a […]

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant, retail store, or other commercial space, proper signage needs to be in place to keep both your employees and customers safe. Safety signs can be as common as marking off restricted areas where you don’t want people wandering into unattended. Here are 5 ways you can use signs to keep both your employees and customers safe when on your property. #1 General Safety Safety signs range from marking off wet floors, directing to fire escapes, or separating employee and customer areas. Having clear and visible signage in place will make it easier for your staff to notify customers of areas of caution while on the property. Not only do signs make it easier for everyone to get the message, they also free up valuable employee time directing customers around simple hazards. When placing signs, it is important to make sure not to block […]

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet with industry leaders and promote your company to potential clients. At your dedicated booth, you can show off your newest products or services. Offer live demos or give away samples of your product to prospective consumers. However, if it’s your first trade show or conference, this guide will outline what to expect. Before The Show Find The Right Trade Show to Display Your Brand. No two trade shows are the same. It’s important that you attend the right one to best display your brand. However, it can seem difficult to research all the conferences to find the one that is right for your business. Since trade shows are all different, it’s vital that you know the purpose of each show. This way, you can better set up your booth for better traffic to gain leads during the trade show. Types of business […]

June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month, which means it’s a perfect time to make improvements to your diet. During this month, you’ll have an easy time finding fresh, delicious produce in supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and maybe even your own backyard garden. And while you probably already know that eating more fruits and veggies will make you healthier, that’s not the only benefit you’ll notice. Eating a healthy diet will also make you more productive and give you more energy to excel at work, play with your kids, and connect with your loved ones. These tips will help you clean up your diet and become more productive along the way. Swap refined carbs for fresh, whole foods. Processed carbs, such as white bread, soda, and candy, might give you a quick burst of energy right after you eat them. However, the energy boost soon fades away, leaving you feeling […]

Your product is the best on the market. It is reliable, reasonably priced, and answers a need within your market. Your competitors measure up. However, if your business is invisible or your brand not established, how can you make the money you need to continue and grow? Business signs increase your visibility, but do they increase your marketability, clientele, and profit margins? Put simply, yes. Business Building Signs: A Matter of Simple Math Establishing a new brand in your immediate area can be difficult. Up-to-date research from the International Sign Association tells you that onsite business signage, especially outdoor business signs, account for at least 50% of sales. At the same time, these signs cost about 2 cents per every 1,000 views. That level of visibility through a television ad costs 491 times more than that! Clearly, your most effective option is also your cheapest. In addition, the corporate surveyor […]